1.1 Explain How Principles of Support Are Applied to Ensure That Individuals Are for Cared in Health and Social Care Settings.

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1.1 Explain How Principles of Support Are Applied to Ensure That Individuals Are for Cared in Health and Social Care Settings.

Respect is caring quality in which a person is given and is seen to be given their rights. It includes, ensuring that the service user has the privacy and space they need to feel comfortable and to be their own person, also to enjoy their own company. Listening, in my opinion this is the most important skill needed in respecting individuality. Good listening to what patient/client needs or wants is crucial as misunderstanding or miss hearing something could have negative after effects. Allowing the user the right to personal beliefs such as religion is really important as the service user needs to feel that they are welcome with all their beliefs no matter what the belief is, also allowing the service user time on their own to practice their beliefs if so be it. Retaining confidentiality is key as it is unprofessional to be letting out a service users confidential information, there are also security risks in doing so and could put a service user in great danger if fallen into the wrong hands.


Duties under the GSCC code of practice for social care workers. Firstly protecting the rights and promoting the interests of service users and care workers. This means that the social care worker has to allow the service user to have the rights that they are allowed. Also allow them to carry out their interests if it is allowed. Also, the social care workers managers should also understand that the social worker has rights and is allowed to do anything within their rights, unless being instructed to do otherwise by a senior care worker.

It is especially important for the social worker to establish and maintain the trust and confidence of service users. By doing this the service user is made to feel comfortable in an unfamiliar surroundings. Also, that everything runs nicely and smoothly it is good to keep a formal and at times informal relationship with the service user. Also building trust is important as the service user needs to feel…

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