A Critical Appraisal of Theoretical Perspectives on Gendered Patterns of Health in Contemporary Western Societies

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it’s not essay I done my whole essay but i just need appendix for my

The Journal:
?Place the journal in an appendix to your essay
?Format – chronological, reflective, free speech, mapping of thoughts on lecture materials and discussions, essay plans, search details
?Material: Papers, reports, news articles, academic articles and research studies, your own mind maps or spider diagrams, other diagrams, web-based materials, drawings, photographs, essay drafts.

The journal forms an appendix to the essay. The journal contains materials of relevance and reflects on the chosen theoretical perspective/s, approach/es or model/s and the two chosen topics on women’s or

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men’s health.

In planning this essay, you will write up a journal across the semester giving your thoughts, as they develop, on the theoretical perspective/s, approach/es and model/s you have found useful in developing your

understanding of the chosen topic areas. The journal should also contain notes on the chosen women¿s or men¿s health topics as you develop understanding of these topics.

The essay should be submitted in hard copy .The journal will be handed in, in hard copy, as an appendix to the essay.

The journal may be in note form and contain a variety of materials (written, web-based materials, spider diagrams, other diagrams or photographic). It may be typed and/or handwritten and you can use bullet

points. The main criteria for marking the journal will be that it is clear that the journal has been developed over time, in response to module content, and that it has been used in the preparation and planning of

your essay. Think of it as a diary of your progress in developing your materials, thoughts and ideas for your essay. The journal should show evidence of the ways in which this module has changed your outlook,

beliefs or viewpoint on the chosen health topics.

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