A game about Supply Chain Management

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Near Beer Supply Chain

BIS 300 Summer 2018 Date ___________
NAME: _________________________ Number of weeks: ________________________
The Near Beer Game Simulation
A game about Supply Chain Management
The Stair book (and a my thoughts PowerPoint) talk about Supply Chain Management. The near Beer Game gives you a chance to try your hand.
· Here’s how the Near Beer Game works: at the beginning of the simulation your supply chain is in perfect equilibrium. Customers are ordering ten cases of beer each week, you have ten cases in inventory, ten cases are brewing, and ten cases worth of raw materials are arriving from your vendors.
· In week two, demand increases to fifteen cases per week and remains at fifteen cases for the remainder of the simulation. The game ends when you manage to get your supply chain back in equilibrium for fifteen cases of beer.
·  Sounds easy right? Try it out and see how many weeks it takes you. See if you can bring the supply chain back into equilibrium without the bullwhip oscillations of stock-outs followed by over-supply. Start with the Novice Level, and if you get that, then try the Expert. This Exercise is worth 20 points, so give some thought to the second part. I am looking for no more than one page, and at least a couple of paragraphs.
· Your Activity involves two parts:
· 1. How many weeks did it take you?
· 2. How might an Information System help you avoid the “Bull Whip” effect? Please use an addition page for your answer.
Follow the below link to get started:
·  You can read the article Bullwhips and Beer: Why Supply Chain Management is so difficult for more information.

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