A patient’s uvula raises midline when she says “ahh,” and she has a positive gag reflex. The nurse has just tested which cranial nerves?

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. The nurse has just tested which cranial nerves? Question options: XI and XII X and XII IX and XII IX and X Question 2 Which of these is included in an assessment of general appearance? Question options: Height Weight Skin Color Vital Signs Question 3 During inspection of the posterior chest, the nurse should assess for: Question options: Symmetric expansion Symmetry of shoulders and muscles Tactile fremitus Diaphragmatic excursion Question 4 The nurse is performing a vision examination. Which of these charts is most widely used for vision examinations? Question options: Snellen Shetllen Smoollen Schwellon Question 5 True or False: With experience, you will learn to strike a balance between which steps you must retain to be thorough and which corners you may safely cut when time is pressing. Question options: True False]]>

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