Acceptance Essay for Nursing

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Acceptance Essay for Nursing

             I would like to apply for acceptance to your institution for a variety of reasons not least of which is the esteemed value of a degree from said institution. It has always been a desire of mine to attend such a fine school. While attending your school, I know that I will learn and acquire the information necessary to enter the nursing field and accomplish my goals and objectives.
Being accepted into your nursing program would not only be enlightening educationally, but would also assist me in achieving a life-long dream of helping individuals cope with sickness, disease and illness. I have always believed that my empathetic nature lends itself to a certain excellence in the nursing field and attending your school would lead credence to such a belief.
With the knowledge I will acquire at your institution I am sure that I will be a credit to the field of nursing, and a capable, sympathetic, industrious and caring individual who would assist all people in pain to cope with their suffering.
It is my anticipation that upon acceptance to your educational facility that I would immediately and enthusiastically continue my educational foray into the intricacies of the nursing field and while doing so learn of the many ways and methods that I can be of medical, temporal, and (possibly) spiritual assistance to those in need. I am so excited about this possibility that I have already endeavored to enthusiastically describe my future to those closest to me.
They amicably listen to my description of how life will be and smile with understanding since those closest to me know of my lifelong dream and goal of becoming a nurse.
Acceptance into your institution would allow me to reach not only my goals and objectives but would also help to facilitate my growth as an individual as well. Such an accomplishment is something that I have looked forward to for many years and with this burning desire it is my hope that I will be a s…

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