Air Canada: Flying High with Information Technology- casestudy

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  1. The outsourcing approach and the IT department structure at Air Canada changed often between 1994 – when Air Canada signed its first contract with IBM – and 2011, the year the case takes place. What are these changes and why do you think they occurred?


  1. Managing the information resource of a firm focused both on “engaging with customers” and competing “more effectively on multiple levels against the low-pricing structures offered by low-cost carriers” entailed many challenges, which Air Canada’s CIO and her team had been addressing in multiple ways. How was Air Canada addressing these challenges in 2011?


  1. Based on Luftman and Kempaiah’s five-stage maturity model, at which stage of alignment is Air Canada’s IT and Business alignment? What challenges did Air Canada face in reaching this stage? What are the challenges now?


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