An economic event that had national and local influence

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Over time, the structure and content of education has evolved, influenced by economic, political, scientific, and psychological events and discoveries. Emphasis on early childhood education has grown significantly in the last few decades, as we have learned more about physical and psychological growth and development. It is important, as an early childhood educator, to be familiar with key developments that have shaped the early childhood programming we have in the United States today.

For this assignment, complete the “Historical Influences Table” by identifying four key historical influences that have impacted the delivery of modern early childhood education.

In 50-100 words each, explain how each event or discovery has influenced today’s early childhood learning environments. Include at least one historical influence in each of the following categories:

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  1. A court case
  2. A major psychological contributor/theorist
  3. An economic event that had national and local influence
  4. A scientific contribution to the field of education.

Use 3-5 scholarly resources to support your research.

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