Art Exhibition

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you should be able to come up with a 1 page of information that shows that you researched the topic using the suggested questions associated with your chosen methodology or methodologies.

Historical Survey: Art selected from a certain time and place for its significance in history. (attached down )

(Old/New) Historicism: Works selected as representative of making a significant cultural contribution based on historical criteria, theories of art, aesthetics, etc.

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1. Gather together other catalogs, books, articles, art criticism or other specialist writings that are related to the works you are considering for your historicist exhibition, especially as they relate to the themes of commemoration, heritage and the value of continuing traditions.

2. Take note of how the works in your exhibition continue a previous tradition or traditions as well as what they add to those traditions, how they revise our understandings of those traditions, etc.

3. The works selected for your exhibition should highlight those elements which are considered to be key symbols, themes, or concerns even if they include a uniquely contemporary twist.

4. Include a healthy mix of major and minor works by a healthy cross-section of artists and don’t make a historical survey too narrow in its selections or content.

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