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Informatics in the Healthcare Profession

Informatics in the Healthcare Profession Paper details: Review the chapter attached and develop the following topics. Describe the role of the nurse as a knowledge worker. Distinguish between medical informatics, nursing informatic and consumer informatics. Discuss the relationship between major issues in healthcare and the deployment of information technology. Provide examples of how nursing i??????nformatics […]

Public Health strategies for prevention of overweight/obesity

Write an essay on the Public Health issue of Overweight/Obesity-looking at the public health strategies/approaches for prevention of overweight/obesity This is not about the clinical features or interventions for obesity, As a guide in my assignment I need to discuss important factors in controlling obesity as well as; • the burden of ill health due […]

Topic Graduate Project in Nursing

Topic: Graduate Project in Nursing Order Description Please go over the 5 previous weeks, as you will be the one I will work with to complete all my project. Give me quality work, I have more coming up Week 5 Overview Over the past two weeks, you collected evidence to answer the PICOT question you […]

Topic Philosophy of Nursing Paper

1. Address what your philosophy of nursing (beliefs about the meta-paradigm: person, environment, health, and nursing)is, and identifying the philosophical influences. 2. Describe how those philosophical foundations influence your nursing practice and provide two specific examples. 3. Discuss how positivism and post-positivism influence the different approaches (qualitative and quantitative) to nursing science (research methods) and […]

Bed alarms to reduce patients falls

Hi… my paper is done already but I need to add 2 more articles(References within 5 years) and write a page based on this two articles with the following ( a. Outcome data related to the measures, Advantages and disadvantages of the measures ),please follow the same idea that is in the paper, I need […]

Pscyho-Physiological Disorders

PSY 303 – Week 1 – DQ 2 – Psycho-Physiological Disorders ***Abnormal Psychology***Scored 100% My tutorial includes two answers to this DQ and you can use any one of the two. Pscyho-Physiological Disorders Psycho-physiological disorders are categorized in the DSM-IV-TR under mental disturbances that arise from psychological dysfunction, existing disorders or other difficulties manifested through […]