Budgeting and Government Sources

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Week 3

Discussion 1

Budgeting and Government Sources

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As state governments have struggled with economic challenges over the past few years, elected officials have had to find new ways to think about budgeting and revenue sources.

View the Forbes video:  “A Government of Growth: Politics and Policy That Foster Innovation”.



Based on the discussion between the business leaders and elected officials in this video, discuss the following:


Examples of new approaches to developing sources of public revenue.

Issues and challenges in leading budget and fiscal reform in government.


The inter-relationship between state government budget issues and the national economy.


Discussion 2


Revenue Policy



How vital is it to develop revenue policy aligned with community values?


Class Text:

Lee, R.D. & Johnson, RW. (2008).  Public budgeting systems (8th ed.).  Sudbury, MA:  Jones and Bartlett.

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