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Instructions for paper 1 Prepare a short term paper on a business/economics topic of your choice (4 pages of Content). Follow APA format.  A large part of your grade on paper 1 will be format.  The objective of this paper is for you to learn to use the APA Manual. An introduction and a summary section should be included in the paper. They should also include a table of contents and reference page. Do not segment papers into chapters.Use a 12 point font—double spacing. You are to assume this is a publishable paper. Be careful; when you use direct quotes. See APA page 117. My rule is—if you use five consecutive words from a source, you MUST use quotes marks. If you direct quote more than 40 words you must indent. You should use a minimum of 4 current (2005-2012) references–use references not footnotes.  These materials–references–should be from scholarly peer-review journals.  Submit your Research Papers in the corresponding drop box before the due date as mentioned in the syllabus. Turnitin has been enabled to verify that the content in student submissions is authentic and not plagiarized. Papers will be graded on content, organization, and format. l.  You do not need to use a Table of Content–Use an abstract.2.  The paper should be four pages of content.  I will accept papers 3 3/4 to 4 1/4 pages in length.  Shorter or longer papers will have points deducted. Don’t forget you MUST use peer-reviewed journal articles for paper 1.A large part of your grade will be APA format.

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