Case Study 2 MIS

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Assignment 1: Discuss case 9.2 HSBC Combats Fraud in Split-second Decisions. 

APA Format 600 Words, 2-3 references.

pg # 329

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1. Analyze the reasons to invest millions of dollars to detect

and prevent fraudulent transactions. In your evaluation,

do a cost–benefi t analysis to show why the investment

cost is worthwhile.

2. Review the two outcomes of the fraud scenario. Assess

the business implications of each of the following two

goals. Explain why these goals are confl icting.

a. To minimize rejecting legitimate purchases by authorized


b. To minimize the risk of making customers victims of


3. The Fraud Management solution is based on a scoring

model. For example, assume the scores range from 1 to

10, with 10 being the highest probability that the transaction

is fraudulent. What cutoff score would you use to

decide to approve a purchase? What cutoff score would

you use to decide not to approve a purchase? If those

cutoff scores are not the same, how do you suggest

those falling between scores be treated?

4. Why are approval decisions made in a split second? Would

customers tolerate a brief delay in the approval process if

it reduced their risk of identity theft? Explain your answer.

5. Research ATM or other banking transaction fraud. How

has a fi nancial fi rm been defrauded or harmed?

Assignment 2: Discuss case 13.2 Steve Jobs’ Shared Vision Project Management Style. 

APA Format 600 Words, 2-3 references.

Pg # 436


1. Steve Jobs shows the importance of people skills. Explain

Jobs’ way of motivating people. For example, did he try

to get everyone to like him? Did he try to get everyone to

get along with each other?

2. Why did Jobs’ approach to project management work so

well for him?

3. What lessons can project managers learn from Jobs?

4. Research Steve Jobs’ management style from reputable

sources. What did you learn about how people reacted to

Jobs’ style?

5. Create a checklist of effective project management


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