A study of China s entrepreneurship policies for university students

1.LITERATURE REVIEW (at least 1,500 words)
Ten relevant research-based books, journal articles etc and/or relevant official publications, not textbooks, need to be critically reviewed as a discursive mini-essay.
Key research findings need to be examined compare and evaluate research findings presented in the research literature.
Relevant concepts, models and theories need to be appraised discuss key conceptual and theoretical approaches used in the research literature.
Key arguments, debates, issues, etc need to be assessed.
Gaps in the research literature need to be identified.

Please present the references.

2.METHODOLOGY REVIEW (at least 1,500 words)
Two relevant research-based books and/or journal articles need to be critically reviewed the two research-based publications can be selected from the ten publications reviewed above.
The research design and methods underpinning the two pieces of research need to be examined outline the research design and methods of each piece of research; assess the strengths and weaknesses of the research; compare and evaluate their research methodology; critically reflect on the research methodology used.

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Write a 1-2 page paper describing the House Repair Analogy.

  • What types of clients live on each of the three levels and what are their needs?
  • How will you help your clients reach the next level of their “house”?
  • How will you use your personal characteristics when working with clients?
  • Please use at least one scenario/example and one research source to support your answer. Follow APA format in any citations.

cyber security planning & Management


Each week you will be asked to respond to a relevant discussion question based on the topics covered that week. In your syllabus, there is a Discussion Board rubric that clearly communicates expectations for participation, please see the NEC Grading Matrix for Discussion Board Postings as an example. Each DISCUSSION is worth 20 points (weekly).

It is important to understand that humans and technology interact in all information systems. Why do you feel businesses must spend time and money to educate their employees on security matters? Post your initial DISCUSSION response by the end of day on Thursday and reply to at least two other students by the end of day on Sunday. 

Security Event

Imagine that your organization was hit with a security event that adversely affected your organization.

      Create a report for executive management that provides information to identify the incident (such as attack vector) as well as immediate actions taken to mitigate the risk.  Provide remediation recommendations that would help prevent similar events from affecting your organization in the future.  (REMEMBER your report will be read by a busy executive, so be sure to communicate in a clear and concise manner).

      You can convey your message in a narrative and/or incorporate graphics.  Minimum one page, maximum two pages.

please follow the instruction

Watch Fan Art: An Explosion of Creativity (2012):
Fan Art: An Explosion of Creativity | Off Book | PBS Digital Studios

    How are fan art and fan fiction meaning-making?
    What compels artists and writers to generate creative products using their talents that respond to corporate media creations?
    What is the nature of the conversations taking place between the media and its users here?
    Are fan art and fan fiction just an extension of the original media that inspire them, or new and original media in and of themselves?

Carr article

This intro assignment asks you to start the process of thinking about and across the generations.  Read the Nicholas G. Carr article (download the pdf excerpt), “The Shallows:…” and write about what you think about it.  Is this information in the article new to you?  How do you relate to the idea that reading is relatively new, but writing is not?  How do you relate to only certain parts of society being able to write?  Use these two questions to jump-start your ideas on reading and writing and alphabets and early societies.  Take a look at ancientscripts.com and get more insight!  Carr is a leading expert in how writing came about and how reading is changing for all of us…these pages on early writing should be very interesting and eye-opening…

Write at least 500 words (don’t let that number scare you…it’s easy once you start typing…you’ve typed more than that on blogs and emails before…)

Start using references and footnotes also.  If you find some relevant support for your thoughts in the Fiero textbook, then cite (insert it as a reference) it.  If you support yourself with internet site info, list that webpage.  All sources count, except wikipedia.  This is the first exercise in writing concisely and fully…Use Microsoft Word’s reference tab and ‘insert citation’ features.

Early (24-hours or more) get full (extra) points.  Submit it in Microsoft Word.  Email me for any other questions.

A Place To Eat Essay


Everyone, it seems, has a favorite place to eat. For some, it is a fast-food restaurant like McDonald’s, Burger King or Taco Bell. Or it may be a diner like Denny’s or an ethnic restaurant like El Torito, Panda Inn, or Olive Garden. It may be a restaurant that serves large portions, like Hometown Buffet or Claim-Jumpers, or that serves specialized food like Red Lobster or Ruth’s Chris Steak House. It may be a fancy restaurant like l’Orange or a small, independently-owned caf. It may be a place such as Benihana’s known for its atmosphere, or it may be eating at home or a friend or relative’s house. We like these places for many reasons including the type of food served, the decorations and setting, the atmosphere, the music or entertainment available, or even the price of the food.

Please discuss your favorite place to eat. Be sure to describe the location and explain why you enjoy eating there. Use examples and details to support your reasons

ADHD students struggles in school

Select an article/video provided or choose one in your own area of interest.
Summarize the article or video
Respond to the article or video
Ideas gleaned from article/video
Suggestions for action based on ideas found in the article/video
Relate ideas to your experiences
Support your comments with evidence found in article/video
Reflect college-level writing
Cite sources using APA or MLA format
Double-space and use 12 pt. font
Paper should be 2-3 pages long
Cite your source

This is an analysis paper!!

Ethics and Intellectual Property

Discuss a current ethical issue in the business world that arises out of the intellectual property. Research and

discuss at least one case to illustrate the ethical issue. Some areas to consider include:

Explain why it is important to protect intellectual property.

Determine how intellectual property should be protected.

Examine if intellectual protections ever go “too far”.

Propose the proper balance between content producers and the public good.

Sample Solution

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