Children’s Writers on Children’s Literature

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Read the articles “Children’s Writers on Children’s Literature” and Read “How Everything Turns Away” (See attached).
Now address the following as per specified word limit:
1. Summarize the article “How Everything Turns Away” in about 200-300 words.
2. Then, use your reactions to the comments of the writers on the articles “Children’s Writers on Children’s Literature” and “How Everything Turns Away” as a starting point for presenting your own thoughts on the roles and responsibilities of children’s literature.
3. Some possible questions to cover (but please don’t treat these questions as a checklist): Have your perceptions of children’s literature evolved over the last several months? What was your favorite reading selection of the semester? Least favorite? Why? What are the roles and responsibilities, if any, of authors who write for children? Feel free to incorporate specific quotes or references from the handout and speech in your discussion. Your reflection section should be 300-500 words.
****Cite both articles as references in APA.
Article Summary (200-300 words)
Personal Reflection (300-500 words)
Reference (Both articles must be cited in APA.)

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