Collaboration between infection control and occupational health in three continents a success story with international impact

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Assignment 3: Critique of a Research Report (30%)
Select either a quantitative or qualitative research study that is of interest to you. Search terms such as “research” and “nursing” (or another discipline if not a nurse) will help you to narrow your search to an

article written by researchers from within your specific discipline. Ensure that the study you select is a research study (avoid literature reviews or summaries of research articles). You should approve your

choice of article with your tutor prior to proceeding with the critique. It is important to select an online article from a journal database from the Athabasca University Library so that your tutor has access to the

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article that you will critique. Please include the persistent link URL with your paper so that the tutor can access the article or send as a .pdf attachment. Submit using the links in the Assessment section on the

course home page. Resend your approved article to your tutor when you submit your assignment.
Read the chapter in your course textbook about Critiquing Research Reports (Chapter 17) before proceeding with this assignment. You should pay particular attention to the information on General Guidelines

for Conducting a Written Research Critique located in Box 17-3 and the Guides to an Overall Critique in Tables 17.1 and 17.2. To help you collect and organize your comments you could use the Five

Dimensions of a Research Critique outlined in your textbook or alternately, the Reader’s Companion Worksheet in your Davies and Logan (2003) textbook. Note: there are two worksheets, one for qualitative

research studies and one for quantitative research studies.
Your paper will be restricted to a maximum length of 8-10 typed, double-spaced pages, excluding the title and reference pages, and should adhere to APA format. Assignment 3 is due after you have

completed Unit 14.
Please include the following content in your critique:
1. Substantive and Theoretical Dimensions
relevance of research problem and significance
appropriateness of the conceptual framework
congruence between research question and methods used
literature review
2. Methodological Dimensions
research design
population and sample
collection of data
3. Ethical Dimensions
confidentiality or anonymity
informed consent
vulnerability of study subjects/participants
research ethics board approval
4. Interpretive Dimensions
discussion section
conclusion section
implications section
5. Presentation and Stylistic Dimensions
any missing information
clear, grammatically correct writing
well organized
enough detail, no jargon

Also include a discussion of the strengths and limitations of the study. Use examples to illustrate points. Make sure your content is accurate and “critique-like” demonstrating evidence of critical thinking. Suggest

realistic alternatives to improve/enhance the quality of the research.
Presentation of your paper will also be graded. Make sure you include a title page as per APA (12 pt font, running head etc.), introduction (no subheading) that includes a brief overview of what will be

included in your paper, headings and subheadings, scholarly objective language, appropriate grammar and spelling, APA referencing in the body of your paper and on your reference page, and a conclusion

(with this subheading).

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