College of Education Ethics Quiz

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Topic 3: College of Education Ethics Quiz


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Multiple Choice


1. Ethics can be defined as

a. Someone’s opinion of another person’s behavior

b. Laws and policies that govern behavior

c. Moral principles that govern a person’s behavior

d. Guidelines to ensure successful behavior


2. Which of the following is not a principle of ethical leadership?

a. Personal courage

b. Self-interest

c. Sensitivity and understanding

d. Inclusiveness


3. Who should be the priority in decision-making for a school leader?

a. Parents

b. Staff

c. Superintendent

d. Students


4. To whom must a school administrator report information related to possible unprofessional conduct involving a student?

a. District Office

b. State Board of Education

c. Local police

d. All of the above

e. None of the above


5. What is a possible consequence for failing to investigate a report of unprofessional conduct by a school employee?

a. Warning by the human resources department

b. No consequences

c. Loss of administrative credential

d. An angry parent


6. What state-level entity receives reports of unprofessional conduct and conducts an investigation?

a. Attorney General

b. Governor’s office

c. State Board of Education

d. Department of Education


7. Who is required to follow the mandatory reporting rules related to unprofessional conduct?

a. Teachers

b. Administrators

c. Parents

d. All certificated school employees

e. All school employees


8. Which of the following is the most serious ethical violation for an educator?

a. Sharing test preparation materials you created

b. Dating a fellow teacher

c. Taking a sick day when you are not ill

d. Letting your opinion of a student affect their grades


9. Students are impacted by ethics in which of the following ways:

a. Grading practices

b. Student council elections

c. Student discipline practices

d. All of the above

e. None of the above


10. How are school policies related to ethics?

a. Policies dictate all ethical decisions

b. Policies describe ethics

c. Policies provide guidance for some ethical decisions

d. There is no relationship between policies and ethics



Short Answer: In 50 – 100 words, respond to the following statements. Be sure to use appropriate sentence mechanics.


1. Describe one way a school administrator could take preventive action to avoid a staff member committing unprofessional conduct.


2. Describe the relationship between integrity and ethics.


3. How would you briefly outline your definition of professionalism to your faculty? Provide at least three examples to illustrate your definition.


4. Describe how a teacher might violate professional ethics in facilitating state-mandated testing. What happens to a teacher who would be caught violating testing procedures?

5. Which of the following areas of ethics might be the most complex for an educational leader: staff relationships, procurement, student achievement, or community relations. Explain your answer.




Respond to each of the following scenarios in a well-crafted paragraph of 100-150 words using appropriate sentence mechanics.


Scenario 1:

A parent reports that his daughter, a student at your school, has exchanged more than a dozen personal emails over the last two months with her social studies teacher who is using his school-issued computer. The latest email included an invitation for the student to have lunch with the teacher on a Saturday. The parent is very concerned that an inappropriate relationship between his daughter and the teacher is forming or has formed. What actions will you take based on this report?


Scenario 2:

A salesperson from the company that provides your school’s copy paper invites you to join a group that is going to spend Spring Break in Mexico, all expenses paid. You have vacation time and are not required to report to work during Spring Break. Will you go on this trip? Why or why not?


Scenario 3:

A parent who frequently volunteers at your high school is asking you to give her sophomore student a parking pass, even though sophomores are prohibited by school policy from receiving a parking pass. What will you tell the parent and what will you do next?


Scenario 4:

You are addressing the group of first year teachers at your school on their first day of employment. Some of these teachers graduated from a traditional teacher preparation program, while others did not. What would you tell them about ethics, as it applies to their job as a teacher, so that all levels of experience and professional backgrounds are considered?


Scenario 5:

You have been asked by a parent to review the final semester grade of a student in Algebra 1. Dad believes that his son should have gotten an A, even though he was three points from the minimum number of points needed for an A. You know the student and believes that he works hard in his classes. What should you consider in reviewing the grade? What would you decide?

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