Community Health Nurse Practice in the Health of a Population

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Community Health Nurse Practice in the Health of a Population

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Community Health Nurse Practice in the Health of a Population
Topic: Clostridium Difficile colitis in the community
Savage, C., Kub, J., & Groves, S. (2016). Public health science and nursing practice: Caring for populations. Philadelphia: F.A. Davis. Chapters 3, 6, & 8.
Other web sites such as the CDC and NIH
Each student* will produce an electronic “poster”.
Use the template and the following headings for the electronic poster to complete your study of the virus:
1. The condition (how it is diagnosed).
2. Pathophysiology (in a simple concept map)
3. Clinical Manifestations
4. Effects on the Community
5. Treatments
6. Community Nursing Interventions (primary, secondary, tertiary). This will be on the triangle in the middle of the poster.
*References will be in APA format on a separate word document and attached with the poster.
Pathophysiology simple concept map example:
Measles Paramyxovirus- extremely communicable and is a human disease.
Spread mainly by secretions from the nose, throat, and mouth during The prodromal or early eruptive stage. Communicability begins several days before and continues until several days after the rash appears.
Transmission from droplets discharged from coughing and are airborne for short distance.
7-14 day incubation period, prodrome fever, coryza, hacking cough tarsal conjunctivitis. Koplik spots appear in the oral mucosa. Sore throat develops.
Rash appears in 3-5 days after onset of symptoms. Lesions spread to the trunk and extremities. Fever, periorbital edema, cough, rash, itching, and conjunctivitis set in.
Diagnosis: Measles (Caserta, 2014).
Poster: Headings:
1. The condition (diagnosis).
2. Pathophysiology (in a simple concept map)
3. Clinical Manifestations
4. Effects on the community
5. Treatments
6. Community Nursing Interventions (on the triangle).
* Headings are correct on the poster. Detailed information is present for all 6 heading.
7. Appearance Graphics are present Layout and Design Organization:
All graphics are related to topic and make it easier to understand. All information on the poster is easy to read and understand Information is very organized with clear headings and subheadings (if needed).
8- Content Information in the posting is accurate, relevant to the assigned topic/question, and demonstrates student learning:
Provides complete explanation of assigned topic meeting stated objectives with appropriate length of at least 150 and no more than 200 words per section (heading) except the patho simple concept map.
9- Scholarly Presentation: Writing style allows for clear communication of thoughts through logical presentation of ideas with correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation:
Written in a scholarly manner. Thoughts are logical with no more than 1 error in spelling, grammar, or punctuation.
10- APA Style Since this is a power point poster, there are no specific APA guidelines for fonts/sizes and color. You will need to cite in APA correctly on the ?slide? or box and also provide a references page with correct APA as a separate document. The font size should be consistent, legible and the color theme appealing to the reader. Headings should be the same size and larger than the content. The content should be the sam

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