complete a personal professional development project including a GAPS analysis

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general Professional Development Project: Using Hughes et al. (2015, p.66-68, 104-110) as a reference, each student will complete a personal professional development project including a GAPS analysis, Gaps of GAPS, professional development plan, personal mission statement, and cultural self-awareness statement. Many of the exercises, chapters, and activities in Fujishin (1997) will help with this assignment. The cultural self-awareness statement demonstrates an understanding of how experiences influence thought, interactions, and analysis and is critical for effective decision making. Intentional reflection and contemplation are foundations for evolving as a high performer. The cultural self-awareness statement section of the professional development project should be 4 pages, double spaced, Times New Roman, and written following APA guidelines. The following are the required components of the cultural self-awareness statement:Introduction (why of the statement), Body, and Summary (how this will help you personally and professionally). The finished professional development project, which includes the cultural self-awareness statement, should have a cover page, table of contents, and follow APA. A references section is mandatory. The professional development project should include the following sections:
1. Overview
§ Outline the value of an actionable professional development plan (use peer-reviewed academic research to guide and support writing)
§ Clearly developed career objectives, including a Personal Mission Statement
2. Cultural Self-Awareness Statement (Introduction, Body, Summary)
3. GAPS Analysis (see the sample GAPS analysis in HGC)
4. Gaps of GAPS (see example in HGC)
5. Professional Development Plan (see Individual Development Plan in HGC)
6. Conclusion
§ Explain how you plan on using, monitoring, and updating your professional development plan based on best practices highlighted in peer-reviewed academic research
7. References

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