consider the control technology options

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Closely read the Required Reading assignment from your textbook, the TCEQ (2011) document, and the Unit Lesson in the Study Guide.
Open your proposal draft from Unit VII and make any improvements to your draft using your professor’s feedback from the Unit VII project assignment.
Open the Unit VIII Study Guide, read the Unit VIII Lesson, then consider the control technology options available for our scenario.
Make your first Unit VIII section your seventh level 1 heading titled “Pollution Control Technologies.” Select appropriate control technologies to be used in the final exhaust air from the spray booth for the following pollutants: (a) gases and vapors, (b) aerosol particles, and (c) noise levels of 90 dBA at 1,000 Hz. Be sure to defend your suggested engineering controls with literature.
Make your second Unit VIII section your eighth (final) level 1 heading titled “Process Flow Diagram.” Map out the entire process by developing a drawing of the process. You might consider reviewing the drawings located within Appendix G and Appendix J in the TCEQ (2011) document and Figure 10.12 on page 381 of your textbook as good examples of clear and understandable process drawings to help you construct your own Process Flow Diagram.
Be sure that your Abstract and References pages are updated before you submit your final project for a grade.
NOTE: Please compile (Units II-VIII) and submit your entire project as one document. Include an article reference from the CSU Online Library within your final project submission that is tied to the course project. The Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Reference Center online database is a good online database for this course project.
Information about accessing the Grading Rubric for this assignment is provided below.

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