Constitutionalism and Absolutism

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Answers the two following questions completely in  paragraph form.

1-What role did philosophes like Locke and Hobbes play in the development of governments in the European countries?

Compare and contrast the governmental structures of Constitutionalism and Absolutism. Give specific examples of each.

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2-Compare and contrast the achievements of the Renaissance and age of State Building (Constitutionalism & Absolutism)

How did the religious upheavals of the Protestant Reformation affect the development of states in Europe? How did religion influence politics in Europe during the 1500 and 1600s?

3-What role did economics play in the development of Western Civilizations? Use multiple examples to show how economics affected people’s lives in at least two cultures. An example would be the trade routes and the role that these routes had to play in the development in both a positive (ex: Renaissance) and negative manner (ex: plague)

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