Construct a sustained argument using concept theories and models relevant

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Individual Assignment – EssayFirst, read the following two articles, copies of which are available on iLearn:Globalisation in the age of Trumpby Pankaj GhemawatProfits at the bottom of the pyramidby Erik Simanis and Duncan DukeStudents will be then required to write a 2000essaythat provides acritiqueofONEof the articles.An essay requires the systematic investigation of a topic and the development of a writtenargument. Essays assess cognitive and research skills. Essays are expected to develop coherentarguments, be founded on thorough research, and provide insight into the topic area.In undertaking this assignment students’ need to:Research the topic in an in-depth mannerProvide a critical perspective of the topic detailed in the articleConstruct a sustained argument using concept theories and models relevant toBUS803Your essay should incorporate at least 10 different references. These should be sourced fromthe following:Academic articlesRelevant books and book chapters Periodicals (ie The Economist etc)The 10 references should be evenly balanced between these three resource options. Examples of all of these reference options are detailed on iLearn.Students are expected to maintain an appropriate standard in presenting their essay.Remember to acknowledge your sources throughout the paper using the Harvard referencingsystem. The report is to be typed and 1.5 spaced (a standard 12 point font should be used).Studentsareexpectedtomaintainanappropriatestandardinpresentingtheiressay. Itshouldbe checked for spelling, consistency and clarity of expression.The assessment sheet for the report will be available on iLearn.

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