create a PowerPoint presentation that illustrates the services in each of these three agencies.

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Question description
Community Resources ( I need the community resources to be from Maryland or West Virginia)
The goal of this activity is to become familiar with community resources in your own geographic area. How aware are you of the resources that exist in your community? Would you know where to refer clients for special help? How aware are you of the support systems that exist in your community? For this assignment, you will investigate and compare the resources at three comprehensive community mental-health centers in your area. If you have trouble finding three in your area, you can include one or two in a different region, but one must be in your local geographic region. Once you locate these agencies, answer the following questions:

  • Where would you send a family who needed help?
  • What facilities are available to treat drug and alcohol abuse?
  • What kinds of crisis intervention are available? What are some common crises?
  • Are health and medical services available at the center?
  • What groups are offered?
  • Is individual counseling available? For whom? At what fee? Long-term? Short-term?
  • Where would you refer a couple seeking marital counseling?
  • Are hotline services available?
  • What provisions are there for emergency situations?
  • What do people have to do to qualify for help at the center?
  • Why is it important to have this knowledge as you plan interventions and treatment plans for clients as a human service professional?

For this assignment, create a PowerPoint presentation that illustrates the services in each of these three agencies. Include answers to the questions. Your PowerPoint presentation should be approximately 25 to 30 slides. Remember that PowerPoint presentations are meant to be outlines, not papers written in complete sentences. Please be sure to cite your sources using APA style.
Submitting Your Assignment
Put your Assignment in a PowerPoint presentation. Save it in a location and with a name that you will remember.

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