Creative Arts Marketing Plan

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Executive Summary
Joy’s Creative Arts Marketing Plan is developed to examine the business and marketing problems of advertising Joy’s Creative Arts’ dance programs. This plan is design also to developed marketing strategies to advertise this company’s dance classes and related services online and public communities successfully to increase business growth. Joy’s Creative Arts established by Joy Michele Timmons in 2009 online and in Upper Marlboro, MD. Joy’s Creative Arts is a performance company that offers quality and affordable performance dance programs, instructions and performance opportunities for children, families and teens starting age five to adult. Dancing is a good exercise for everyone to stay active, reduce health problems and improve self-esteem. Company size for Joy’s Creative Arts is 20-100 work professionals including the owner.

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The company’s missions are to learn how to dance to improve self-esteem and health and performance dance together as dancers, family and friends. The third mission is to entertain the audience to show what the company is made of in dancing. The company intended to provide students with best performance dance programs, which benefits their life situations including losing weight and staying in shape. Farrell, Hitchens and Moffat (1993) claim, “In strategic management consultancy, for example, some firms differentiate themselves on content-they formulate of strategy while others emphasizes implementations” (p.47). The business level strategy is to determine where to offer dance programs, services and retail products, such as apparel and refreshments. Another business strategy is to determine where to promote dance programs, services and retail products, such as apparel and refreshments.
The other business or competitive strategies developed these five questions, which determines the strategies key competitors use to maintain a successful business. For internationalization and globalization, there are non-talented and talented people in the USA, Canada and other countries, however, Joy’s Creative Arts’ target audience will be from USA and other countries in different communities. Retrenchment strategy is focus on the participating in the USA dance company. The growth strategy is to determine the ways this industry growth in five years from now. Joy’s Creative Arts is expected to make $5,286,824.00 in sales from all business activities starting in 2015. In this marketing plan, there maybe business and marketing problems with advertising Joy’s Creative Arts’ dance programs, however, there are solutions to resolve these problems this company’s dance programs’ advertisements.
Other plans are to not only increase business and sales growths, but also add studio locations in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, California and Oregon. Then, the company will offer more dance performance opportunities, products, programs and services and have more than 40 customers. The company also will have more than six employees and more than nine classes. In this marketing plan, there maybe business and marketing problems with advertising Joy’s Creative Arts’ dance programs, however, there are solutions to resolve these problems this company’s dance programs’ advertisements.
This is the process of how products and services are delivered to the customers. The owner provides instructions to the marketing workers on the process of offering customers products and services. If there are any problems and the non-management team like staff teams cannot resolve the problem, they can report to the marketing management team or the owner if no management team available. If neither the marketing management team or the owner can resolve the problems, they will report to the appropriate to resolve any products and services’ problems.
Situational Analysis
For industry level analysis of Joy’s Creative Arts, The demands and trends in the dance market are increase health dancers and non-dancers and healthy living. Finally, Laban Movement Analysis developed by Rudolf Laban Davis. Davis (1995) discusses that, “this analysis consists of methods, languages for describing, visualizing, interpreting and document all varieties of human movement” (p.31). Other demands and trends include increase career opportunities, dance project events and resolve customer’s life situations. Finally, have demands and trends to increase effective dance training by professional dance employees with critical educational qualifications, such as certification or college degree. They are required to enjoying teaching students with proper appearance including positive attitude, which leads to positive outcomes for everyone. Timmons can provide great research design that will help Joy’s Creative Arts’ chances of becoming one of the top dance industries with the high rate of customer’s satisfication in dance programs and services. Walker and Mullins (2011) also indicate, “The six macro-environment major components are demographic, socio-cultural, economic, regulatory, technological and natural environments” (p.104).
Joy’s Creative Arts will use exploratory research to conduct primary and secondary research to resolve business and marketing problems of advertising Joy’s Creative Arts’ dance programs and services. For primary research, the company will provide 500 interviews and surveys online and in-person to receive views of offering dance programs from different customers and other people. It is expected is 80% responses and 20% no responses from surveys and interviews. These results are good because it helps to make good decisions on developing strategies for promoting their company’s dance programs and services online and public communities. (See Appendix B for Sample Survey and Result Projections).

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            For secondary research, Timmons can use articles, books; reports in the and videos on dance marketing topics. This research will help the company to also analyzed dance industries statistical facts and how Joy’s Creative Arts can perform their services better than their competitors. Walker and Mullins, (2011) states, “Companies should start with trade associations and trade magazines, where companies can track and report trends on industries. Most local, state and federal governments offer demographic data that is easy to access on these websites including in the United States” (p.117).
Other research including dance ethnography focus on face-to-face research for the dance worlds, dance events, social and culture aspects of dance. This search also includes political and religious views on dance, ethnic dance in ways to express dance.  It is also good to explore by taking dance lessons, perform dance in dance project events and teach students dance routines. It is also good to study dance history, dance genres, dance movies, such as” Step Up 1-5” and performances to help get ideas on what customers are looking for in participate in dance events, products and services. The limitations are creating many unique dance programs, understanding dance industry changes each year; unstructured techniques can affect the research for resolving the marketing problems of Joy’s Creative Arts. Some non-statistical and non-representative case, respondents selected for offering dance programs may not be available on not all research methods.
If comparing Non-Western and Western dance this allows the company to determine what dance styles customers are more likely to take in today’s dance world.Most of the customers are taking folk, contemporary and hip-hop dance, but also social dance to dance-sport and stage dance performance. When having the knowledge of participating in dance, it is consisted as being part of the dancing, post-colonialism, race politics, gender, body mind and movement. Other concepts include globalization, organized by dance creation, preserved and displayed by media technologies.
Joy’s Creative Arts is targeting 40-400 motivated and serious non-talented and talented customers that are willing to buy and participating their dance programs. This company will work with customers with elementary, middle, high, college undergraduate and graduate or no education. This company is working with customers from the United State of America including people from California, Georgia, North Carolina, Oregon and South Carolina states, but Maryland temporarily. Joy’s Creative Arts will work with these target audience with low income between $0-$49,999, average income $50,000-$99,999 and high income with $100,000 or more. They are targeting children ages 5-11; families with no specific age groups and teens aged 11-19.   Adults age 19 and up are not the target audience, but not excluded in this company. Customers can be singles, married couples, married couples with children, people with disabilities, working professionals, retired and senior citizens. Customers can be both male and female from a child to adult. Joy’s Creative Arts will work with African Americans, Asian American, Native Americans, Spanish Americans, White Americans and other cultures. Finally, Joy’s Creative Arts will offer dance programs and other services on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 6:00-9:00pm and Saturdays at 8:00am-5:00pm. Most customers are also going to take hip hop and jazz funk classes, but not taking contemporary or creative dance that much, but that can change each year. (See Appendix C Attendance of Products and Services Projections).
Customers with dance experience usually participate and purchase dance programs and services. They have different attitudes, beliefs, experience, expectations, opinions, values or views on participating and purchasing dance programs and services. People participate in dance to resolve their health problems, such as cancers and diabetes. Others participate in dance to get away from bad situations, such as abusive households, bullying, drugs or gangs. Then, people do dance for dance career opportunities, as a hobby or improve their wellness, such as relationship with others. Any media Joy’s Creative Arts use to advertise dance programs and services will be an educational advertisement that resolve people’s life situations, which leads to positive outcomes on customer’s expectations.
Besides limitations, there are negative living conditions, such as financial, health, relationships and wellness problems that need to be resolved. People having limited financial budgets cause them to unable to afford their living expenses and services. There are also people living with AIDS, Alzheimer’s disease, cancers, eating disorders, heart diseases, HIVs, STDs and other health issues that are hindering their health due to negative economic and living conditions. Next, people are living with bad relationships in family members, friends and other people. Finally, people are suffering abuse, bullying, mental disorders and participating in inactive activities, such as playing games, gangs and watching television, which leads to lead to negative impact on people’s financial, health, relationship and wellness problems. Part of these problems caused by the current economic conditions, even there are other factors that can causes these issues.
Economic conditions can also impact on people’s financial budgets, health, relationships with others and wellness problems. These conditions started in 2009; but have improved, but have a long way to go. Business conditions has also impacted on people’s financial budgets, health, relationships with others and wellness problems due to going out of businesses, people losing jobs and cannot no longer their living expenses. Other people are mistreated by businesses, which lead them to resign from their jobs that do not provide them enough financial support to pay for their living expenses. There are managers and owners operate a business with no proper education, such as MBA or certification like the owner, Joy Michele Timmons.            Owners with MBA or other business college degree help them to operate a business successfully than other business owners and managers. People have also experienced scams, which is one of the current problems with job opportunities, getting funding for businesses and other opportunities. Some people had decided to start their business, but online like Joy’s Creative Arts until the economy improved years from now. Joy’s Creative Arts is not required to be a licensed business, but required to be register as a LLC and sole proprietorship business under department of taxation and assessment by law. This company has to be insurance by an insurance company like State Farms in order avoid lawsuits for accidents, deaths, illness or injuries occur in businesses. Other laws and regulations like in employment in business required by law.
Competition Analysis
Joy’s Creative Arts is competing against Baltimore Dance Center, Encore Baton and Dance Studio and Nickelz Productions. These are the dance industries the owner has business issues with in career opportunities with these industries. The SWOT analysis used to compare all industries’ strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats on offering dance programs to customers.
Jones, Knotts and Udell (2011) suggested, “Market also attractiveness focused on the product areas included societal impact, business risk, demand analysis, market acceptance, competitive capabilities, and experience and strategy” (p.41). Curnow and Randall (2007) states, “Strategic analysis, market assessment, strengths and weaknesses, which a person can get the idea. No substance to found at this stage of the game. The marketing firm is selling ideas. It will not give you any specifics on a plan or recommendation until you sign on the dotted line” (p.16).  Walker and Mullins (2011) also indicate, “Assessing market attractiveness requires the important macro-environmental trends or macro trends” (p.104).
Walker Jr. and Mullins (2011) As Michael Porter points, “A company can outperform its rivals only if it can establish a difference that is can preserve. It must deliver in greater value to customers or create comparable value at a lower cost or both” (p.4). For threats of new entrants, Joy’s Creative Arts has the potential to compete for customers by prices, quality and new styles and models in dance programs. However, there are competitors maybe offering the similar dance programs as Joy’s Creative Arts business. For threats of substitutes, unlike other dance companies, Joy’s Creative Arts replace ballet, tap and jazz dance combo programs with creative dance programs. Jazz funk dance replaces the jazz hip-hop or hip-hop jazz dance combo dance programs. Contemporary dance programs replace African, ballet, liturgical, lyrical and modern dance programs.
For entry of new competitors, Joy’s Creative Arts is expected to enter high-performance dance company industry five years now. Next, for bargaining power of suppliers, this company have no manufactured their apparels, refreshments, but partners with apparel clothing companies to produce clothing products and food companies to produce food products. Finally, for bargaining power of consumers, Joy’s Creative Arts have the power to switch to other dance programs or new style, better prices, high quality, great convenience and other features. There is a possibility the consumers can lose power when they are loyal business lie Joy’s Creative Arts and want to buy only Joy’s Creative Arts’ dance programs. Campman (2001) states, The unique idea, which use the Internet as the channel to market, find venture capitalists to give the funds to develop the idea into a business; build market share at any cost: take the company public through an IPO (initial public offering); and sell the company and move on to the next idea or use the money generated with the IPO to build a truly sustainable business” (p.201). Prasad (2011) claim, “The five forces model has used very effectively for defining market entry decisions. Producers’ point of view, the most favorable matrix of force intensity is one in which all the elements are “low” is the one that is favorable for market entry” (p.132).
These five questions to focus on determining the strategies key competitors used and maintain successful and unsuccessful business. 1) What are the reasons for the company is successful and unsuccessful? 2) How are the consumer motivates performance?,3) What are the component costs? 4) How can this industry work with mobile barriers? And 5) How can Joy’s Creative can offer that their three competitors do not offer in their company? 6) What can this company offer unique dance programs and related services than their three competitors?, and 7) What customers wants and needs in dance programs? Walker Jr. and Mullins (2011) states, “Business level strategy goal is to compete in its industry in order to have the sustainable advantage over its rivals” (p.19). The best-cost leader strategy can help Joy’s Creative Arts to make decisions on changing the quality of offering dance classes that would be suitable for their target audience. This strategy also gives the company’s customers more value for the money by evaluating low and upscale differences. Joy’s Creative Arts can use this strategy to maintain good costs and prices lower than other competitors with good quality and features including raising customer satisfaction in dance programs. A broad differentiation strategy is suitable for Joy’s Creative Arts because it helps them to maintain low-cost in dance classes and related services, which appeals the high range of customers.
One critical success factor is having great staffs and teachers to educate and train customers dance programs effectively in order to maintain customer’s satisfaction. Another critical success factor is to effectively evaluate customer’s problems and make sure they are honest about their problems they are trying to resolve. This situation is the only way Joy’s Creative Arts can help customers to explore different options that will benefit their expectations in products and services.  The third critical success factor is to have time to promote the studio’s marketing offers, such as special offers. The fourth critical success factors is to build relationships with customers and employees no matter the ups and downs of this Joy’s Creative Arts’ ownerships. The fifth critical success factor is use current and new effective strategies to stay a successful business. Finally, observe, experience, review, practice and study dance in order to perform successful dance careers and project events.
Product Life cycle
In the product lifecycle analysis, the introduction stage start with Joy’s Creative Arts partners with Company to promote dance programs and services in the entire online communities in different websites. This strategy is the most effective marketing options to increase customers’ awareness on current performance company in target area. Joy’s Creative Arts is expected to have 300,000 views on Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Word Press and YouTube videos. Then, for growth stage, this company needs to increase 300,000 views on Facebook and Twitter page. This company need to get 30 people to sign up to attend one-week free trial dance programs, which help get more people to join dance classes offered by Joy’s Creative Arts.
Joy’s Creative Arts will offer introductory dance programs in regular season and summer seasons. Next, for maturity stage, Joy’s Creative Arts promote non-web and web audience about dancers entertaining dance project events. This performance company will also advertise these audiences about upcoming activities including new classes developed at Joy’s Creative Arts. By promoting Joy’s Creative Arts increases chances for this company to receive achievements of staffs and customers in dancing. Finally, for decline stage, Joy’s Creative Arts will maintain affordable and low prices on dance programs as much as possible, if the current prices are unsuccessful for customers to purchase. This company will promote in shopping malls, hold presentations by instructors put on style a short performance for the upcoming audience in different dance styles.
The decisions on conducting competitive strategy is to expand the company with more classes and locations like family dance classes, which attract new customers that want to improve their family relationships. There will be more dance classes for new customers added to this company. Then, it is also a good idea to advertise online and direct mail, which it best way to increase customer on dance programs awareness by paying a small fees. Customers can make purchase on the classes and related services online and in-person registration and payments on the website. The company developed competitive and professional dance training programs for students that are interested in performing dance competitions and professional events. The staffs can bring instructors and dancers to schools, provide surveys and offer 30% off discounts, free trials and package deals on dance classes.
Marketing Strategies
Macro level analysis is used to help them to resolve business and market problems for advertising the company’s products and services. According to Walker and Mullins (2011), “Macro trend analysis for any market is in both quantitative and qualitative data. Quantitative data must offer evidence in the market’s size and growth rate for market and key segments. As for qualitative data, it needs to have factors to influence these figures on markets and industry analyzes” (p.117-118). Curnow and Randall (2007) believe, “The marketing firm is selling ideas. It will not give you any specifics on a plan or recommendation until you sign on the dotted line” (p.16).  For specific goals, the company has chances of increasing customers’ awareness on dance programs; educate healthy and safe dance programs with professional staffs and teachers. Other special goals include increasing career and performance opportunities for customers. Finally, use this goal to also focus on helping customers to resolve their health, relationship with others and wellness problems.
For measurable goals, Joy’s Creative Arts is expected to make $5,286,824 by 2015. Joy’s Creative Arts is expected to increase budgets, careers, gain market share, customers’ awareness on dance classes and sales in dance programs by 20% each year. This company also expected to increase more dance products, projects, programs, services and studio locations for customers by 20% each year. Joy’s Creative Arts also plan to increase customer’s satisfaction by 98% each year. Customers can lose 10 pounds in 12-28 weeks, if they stick with the company’s dance programs. Customers can 30% off of dance programs for the ones that qualify for discount prices and sign up for one-week free trial classes. Customers can receive 30% of discounts on dance programs and related services can be discounted. These discounts are design for bringing someone, businesses, college students, families, groups, holiday seasons, “Like Us” on, military and senior citizens only.

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For achievable goals, customers are expected to attending dance programs improve their life situations including health. Applicants are expected to apply for job opportunities by sending resumes, cover letters and professional works in order to having chances of getting a job at Joy’s Creative Arts business. For the relevant goals, everyone will participate in health and fitness programs are important to you, not just for other people no matter how busy everyone’s lives are currently and future. Finally, for the time-bound goals, customers want to practice 12-28 weeks to perform in events and improve their life by staying active and in shape. Customers are expected to accomplish any of these goals after complete the 12-28 week dance programs.           Walker Jr. and Mullins (2011) states, “New economy industries develop in electronic commerce, Internet and market computer hardware and software and develop or provide any of the growing array of telecommunications services” (p.283). The positioning statement is for everyone that enjoys dancing, Joy’s Creative Arts is a performance company that provides affordable dance programs for family and recreational dance programs. Unlike Baltimore Dance Center, Encore Baton and Dance Studio and Nickelz Productions, this company’s has various unique dance program selections, special offers like 30% offers, free trials and package deals on dance programs. This company also offers free nutritional and safety guides, free technique classes and rehearsals, payment plan options like weekly, monthly and full term payments. Other positioning includes competitions and professional event training programs, seven-day week customer services, and scholarships for high school and college students, private lessons and workshops.  These staffs of Joy’s Creative Arts hold a High School Diploma, Associates, Bachelors, Certifications, Masters, MBAs and P.H.D’s beside extensive years of dance training, which qualifies them to conduct dance programs to customers. Value Proposition includes building relationships that make everyone have confident in their enjoys dancing. Druckman (2003) claim, that “there are different ways for companies do negotiation” (p.183).
Walker Jr. and Mullins (2011) states, “Differentiation refers to the powerful theme in developing business strategies, as well in marketing” (p.4). Differentiation explains why people buy. For example, people buy dance programs because they want to improve their health and wellness, find something to do during their business life and improve their relationships with other. Other reasons are to pursue dance careers and entertain the audience their talent in dancing. They can cancel anytime before dropping dance program deadlines, which is two weeks before rehearsals and receive full-refunds. Customers will receive free nutritional guide that guides them ways to eat and stay healthy by maintaining good eating habits plus exercising three to five times per week. Campman (2001) claim, “The new economy has rules of business are changing and a new type of company is emerging-companies live at the speed of sound. The unique idea, which use the Internet as the channel to market, find venture capitalists to give the funds to develop the idea into a business; build market share at any cost: take the company public through an IPO (initial public offering); and sell the company and move on to the next idea or use the money generated with the IPO to build a truly sustainable business” (p.201).
Products like refreshments like drinks and foods sold at the company’s future facilities and other facilities during classes and events. Other products are souvenirs including costume apparels; DVDs and tickets are sold during classes and events at facilities. Services including dance programs like competitive event training, family, private, professional event training, recreational and workshop programs like hip hop dance are offered the company’s future studio and other facilities during all seasons like products. Summer programs include art, dance, graphic designed, music; theatre, video and workshop programs are offer in summer seasons. Careers including non-dance and dance careers will be offered starting 2017 in full-time, internship period, part-time, temporary and volunteering positions. Studio rentals are offers starting in 2017 where customers can rent spaces for classes, events and meetings. Graphic Design services include offering marketing, print media, promotion and webs projects. Scholarships will be offer to high school and college students starting 2017. Each student will be awarded $20,000. Special offers include 30% discounts and free trial programs.
Pricing depends of the cost of company’s expenses like quality time and materials to develop the dance classes, programs, project events and services. This pricing strategy will also depend of the current economy. The prices are set up by weekly, monthly and full term costs of dance classes and related services. Refreshments are $1.00 each, DVDs are $15.00 each and tickets are $5.00 each. Costumes and Souvenirs like accessories are $3.00 each, bags are $25.00, biketards $40.00, dresses are $30.00, hats are $5.00 and jackets are $35.00. Pants are $20.00, shirts are $10.00, shorts and skirts are $15.00, and unitards are $40.00. Graphic Design services projects, such as print media like books, brochures and magazines starting $50.00 and up. Web projects like blogs, word press pages and websites starting $500.00 and up. Marketing and promotional projects are $1,000.00 and up. Other graphic design services including black and color copies, de-bossing, embossing, applications and presentations starting at $0.10 and up.
Customers are charge $15.00 registration fee to hold their space in classes and other related services. They are charge of $15.00 for late payments, overdraft fees and workshops. One class includes single classes and private lessons. Weekly costs are $10.00 per week for one class, $20.00 per week for two classes, $30.00 per week for three classes and $40.00 per week for four classes. For monthly cost of dance classes, it is $40.00 per month for one class, $80.00 per month for two classes, $120.00 per month for three classes and $160.00 per month for four classes. 3-month full term costs are $120.00 for one class, $240.00 for two classes, $360.00 for three classes and $480.00 for four classes. 4-month full term costs are $160.00 for one class, $320.00 for two classes, $480.00 for three classes and $640.00 for four classes.
These prices are also for summer dance programs. Studio rentals for one hour is $40.00, two hour rentals are $80.00, three hour rentals are $120.00, four hour rentals are $160.00 and optional insurance coverage fee is $40.00. The place to promote dance programs is non-online communities, such as dance studios, entertainment businesses, fitness centers, grocery stores and malls. This situation includes in busy areas and good communities. Other places include online communities, such as all websites in the entire Internet. Walker Jr. and Mullins (2011) states, “New economy industries develop in electronic commerce, Internet and market computer hardware and software and develop or provide any of the growing array of telecommunications services” (p.283). (See Appendix Break-Even Analysis D).
The most effective promotion strategies are non-online community-based strategies, online-community-based strategies, radio and television promotion strategies. The type of non-online community-based promotion strategy used is direct mailing by mailing the ads to different residents in different neighborhoods. The type of online-community-based promotion strategy to use is to advertise on social media including blogs; Facebook and Twitter by apply banner ads in the entire Internet in these social media. This company also design the business website at where customers can find more information about dance programs. Joy’s Creative Arts’ dance programs will also promote on video marketing sites, such as YouTube videos. Joy’s Creative Arts will also use Word Press to promote their dance programs and services to online audience. When the company can afford these other promotion strategies, they will advertise their dance classes in radio, television.
Contingency Plans
Joy’s Creative Arts will notified everyone about changes in products, schedules and services through emails and phone voicemail messages. In case of hazardous incidents, such as natural disasters, crisis, personals and data losses, there will many back up plans, such as saving files on hard drives, have extra studio locations, materials, safe places and supplies. For example, if there are heavy rains, hurricanes, tornadoes, snows and storm weathers, the studios will be closed and reschedule make up days for work plus services. If there are threats from employees and customers due to accidents, deaths, illnesses and injuries occur at Joy’s Creative Arts, the company is not responsible, insured by State Farm insurance Company and have everyone to complete waiver forms when they start working or using the company’s services.
Everyone must provide doctor’s approval for eligibility to participate in any of these activities at Joy’s Creative Arts. All of these incidents will still be reported to the owner and victims’ family members whether the company is responsible for these incidents or not. This company is willing to pay any damages occur in any of these activities. For data loss, the company will have all files saved in external hard drives early before these hazardous incidents happened.  For mismanagement, such as thefts, neglect and accidental destruction, the company will make sure there is virus protection programs on computers and other products to protect all files from being destroyed and hacked by hackers. The company will have an alarm system in all studio locations to protect the studios.
First control is the creation of unique innovative upscale environment that will differentiate Joy’s Creative Arts from other dance companies and future online dance programs. Secondly is to maintain establish control of Joy’s Creative Arts as not a performance company, but also a community dance business for socialization and entertainment in performing arts, such as dance. Finally, it is important to maintain control of the creation of an environment that will reduce intimidation on users. Joy’s Creative Arts dance products, programs and services can be educational resources for health, fitness and wellness for customers want to learn about benefits and opportunities in participating in dance programs.
Even though companies like Joy’s Creative Arts can develop business and marketing problems with promote dance programs, however, create best marketing strategies help to resolve these problems. After conducting the Joy’s Creative Arts marketing plan, Joy’s Creative Arts decide to continue their partnership with Company for promote banner ads on websites, such as,, online, which has been successful. The good thing about this marketing strategy is Joy’s Creative Arts pays a small monthly fee to get their company’s activities promoted online. Another decision is to do direct mail to market the company’s dance products, programs and services by sending residents the information in their neighborhood.
The third decision is to advertise on radio and television about dance products, programs and services. Timmons is going to continue to pursue dance careers besides other opportunities and invest at least $50,000 for business expenses including investment, studio spaces and dance project events.  Joy’s Creative Arts business is also decided to raise at least $100,000 for doing dance projects on health and wellness purposes. This company need to increase at least 1,200,000 views, 300,000 likes on social media, 300,000 views from websites and 300,000 customers interested in purchasing Joy’s Creative Arts’ dance products, programs and services. By achieving these goals and marketing strategies, Joy’s Creative Arts are capable on increasing business growths in customer interests, and making good sales opportunities.

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