Criteria for Article Selection

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This assignment gives the student an opportunity to explore current literature/research on community health nursing. It also encourages critical thinking via critiquing and analyzing. Each student will individually read and submit a review of a community health journal article. A clear, concise presentation of your analysis documents growth in written communication skills.
Criteria for Article Selection:
1. Article will be selected from community health/public health peer reviewed journal. Examples: American Journal of Public Health; Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Reports; Public Health Nursing; Journal of Community Health Nursing.
1. Content of the Research Article Review
1. Each article review is to be presented on a separate typed page, plus title page (APA format).
(5 points)
1. Include a complete bibliographic citation at the top of the page (APA format).
(5 points)
1. Body of Review:
1. Summary of article in 2-3 sentences (not from the abstract but in your own words). What is the problem and the purpose of this article? The purpose of the assignment is NOT to summarize an article. Keep this section brief.
(10 points)
1. Statement of your conclusions about the overall validity and strengths/weaknesses of the article. This should address the analysis, sample, size, and significance of the data. Include at least one recommendation for improving the article. (6-8 sentences).
(20 points)
1. Analysis of the relevance/significance of information in the article to community health nursing practice (4-6 sentences).
(10 points)
1. Writing Tips: present the review in the third person and focus on objectivity. Paraphrase and avoid extensive quotes. Use examples in the analysis of relevance for community health nursing practice.

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