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Question 15- 16: Data Collection. (For help with these questions, refer to chapters 10 & 12)

15. Which one of the following best describes the data collection process used in this study?

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              a.   questionnaires / surveys were completed via the telephone.

b.   participants were given the questionnaires on enrollment in the study and asked to drop the sealed envelope in a locked box at the nurse’s station.

c.   questionnaires / surveys were mailed to the prospective participants and returned in a self-

      addressed stamped envelope.

              d.   nurse researchers interviewed the study participants in a focus group.

16.  If there were more than one data collector for the study, would an estimation of inter-rater reliability be an important concept for the authors to report on for this study?

              a.   yes, and the authors reported their efforts to achieve inter-rater reliability.    

b.   yes, but the authors do not discuss any efforts to achieve inter-rater reliability.

c.   no, the issue of inter-rater reliability does not apply here.

Question 17 – 19:  Data Analysis. (For help with these questions, refer to chapters 11 & 12)

17.  What descriptive statistics are used in this study?  (Select all that apply).

              a.   mean

              b.   median

              c.   mode

              d.   standard deviation

              e.   z-scores

              f.   percentage distributions

18.  What inferential statistics were used to examine the data obtained from the subjects?  (Select all that apply)

              a.   Bivariate correlational analysis

              b.   Factor Analysis

              c.    t-Test

              d.   Chi-Square

              e.   ANCOVA

              f.   ANOVA

              g.   regression analysis

              h.   None of the above inferential statistics were used in this study.

19.  What is the level of significance (alpha) set at for this study?

              a.   .05 or 5%

              b.   .10 or 90%

              c    .01 or 1%

              d.   an alpha level or level of significance chosen by the authors was not specifically mentioned in the text

                      of the article.