Describe the medicine section of CPT codes.

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120 word minimum for each question. Must be in APA format, Sources must be searchable.
From the information provided please supply the correct name of the codes
1. These codes are for evaluation, therapeutic, and diagnostic procedures by or supervised by a physician. This section is organized by type of service or procedure. Guidelines include subsection notes, multiple procedures reported separately, add-on codes, separate procedures, and unlisted services/special report.
2. Describe the medicine section of CPT codes. Elaborate on the following statement.
The medicine section of the CPT contains the codes for the many types of evaluation, therapeutic, and diagnostic procedures that a physician may perform.  Most are considered non-invasive, in contrast to surgical procedures.  The following major types of services are listed: immunizations, infusions, and chemotherapy, psychiatric, dialysis, gastroenterology, ophthalmology, cardiovascular and vascular and pulmonary studies, allergy and clinical immunology, neurology and neuromuscular, physical rehabilitation and special services.
3. Explain the history of the International Classification of Diseases and how it is used.
4. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages between cycle billing and monthly billing. Provide an example of an activity that would relate to each type of billing. Why is one method preferred more than the other?
5. How might one distinguish between obstetrics and gynecologic services?
6. Aseptic practices ae used for what in a medical setting.
7. Why are calories important in a diet? What types of food have the most and least amount of calories?

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