Discuss the causes and consequences of global capitalism

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Examine the impact large and multinational corporations have had on economic control. Specifically, consider the consequences and impact corporations now have on nations and on individual workers.
Formulate an opinion from a functionalist, interactionist, or conflict perspective on the effects of global capitalism. You are going to write a letter to a child who is living today. In your letter you will address the implications of global capitalism for this child and his or her generation. Your letter needs to be accurate, but it should also be passionate, as you are trying to help this child understand why the topic is relevant to him or her. Specifically, in your letter you should:
Summarize the development of and changes to economic systems from preindustrial society to today. Include a discussion of the economic order and the importance of economic activity. How has the division of labor changed, and what are social consequences of surplus wealth?
Discuss the causes and consequences of global capitalism and of the control wielded by large corporations. As part of this discussion, include the social causes and effects (nationally and individually) of worker alienation and unemployment. What implications do all of these things have for the child’s quality of life, working life, and ability to find work?
Support your ideas with information from at least two sources. Consider bringing forth points from Marx’s analysis of alienation and work.

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