Discuss the current pharmacological research and pharmacological management

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Choose a particular clinical condition which is of interest to you and which may be of relevance to paramedic practice (although it does not have to be specifically related to paramedic practice). You will write a 1500 word clinical review of current pharmacological research into and current treatment of your condition. The focus of your assignment should be the current pharmacological research into your condition. Your condition should be from one of the conditions below: Nervous system Respiratory system Cardiovascular system Endocrine system Renal system Sensory system HFB2120 Assignment guidelines 3 Acid-base disorders Gastrointestinal system Immune system disorders Trauma You can choose another category – please discuss with your lecturer. Your task 1. Discuss briefly the relevant pathophysiology of this condition (approximately 250 words). 2. Discuss the current pharmacological research and pharmacological management (e.g. prescribed and OTC medications) of this condition. The current research should form an important part of your review (approximately 1000 words). The studies can include laboratory (animal or human studies), clinical, prehospital or emergency department studies. Include in your discussion the mechanism of action of the particular drug classes.). 3. Critically examine the potential relevance of your findings to your practice as a paramedic. We will discuss this point further in the lectures (approximately 250 words).

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