Discuss the differences between sales and market orientations.

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Discuss the differences between sales and market orientations. First, sales-oriented firms focus on their own needs; market-oriented firms focus on customers’ needs and preferences. Second, sales-oriented companies consider themselves to be deliverers of goods and services, whereas market-oriented companies view themselves as satisfiers of customers. Third, sales-oriented firms direct their products to everyone; market-oriented firms aim at specific segments of the population. Fourth, although the primary goal of both types of firms is profit, sales-oriented businesses pursue maximum sales volume through intensive promotion, whereas market-oriented businesses pursue customer satisfaction through coordinated activities. Questions 3.1 A friend of yours agrees with the adage “People don’t know what they want—they only want what they know.” Write your friend a letter expressing the extent to which you think marketers shape consumer wants. 3.2 Your local supermarket’s slogan is “It’s your store.” However, when you asked one of the stock people to help you find a bag of chips, he told you it was not his job and that you should look a  harder. On your way out, you noticed a sign with an address for complaints. Draft a letter explaining why the supermarket’s slogan will never be credible unless the employees carry it out. 3.3 How does Philip Morris handle the sensitive issues associated with marketing tobacco? What kind of information does its Web site at http://www.philipmorris.com/ provide about smoking and its negative effects on health? How do you think Philip Morris is able to justify such marketing tactics? After checking around the site, do you think that approach makes the company more or less trustworthy?

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