Discuss the possible impact of health care reform will have on salaries and benefits

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This paper should be a minimum of 6 pages, typed and double spaced but not exceeding 10 pages. This does not include the title page and the reference page. Due Midnight CST, Day 6 of Week 8
Locate 3-4 articles on recent health care reform Act by President Obama & the proposed changes to the Health care act by President Trump. These articles should be obtained from journals in the library. They can also be reference articles online. Wikipedia data and citations will not be accepted. Summarize the articles clearly in your paper.
Using these article discuss the issue with the health care crisis and your understanding of health care reform.
Discuss what impact you feel the new health care guidelines may have on an HR department. Will this cost the company more money? Will it act as a bigger motivating factor for employees?
Discuss the possible impact of health care reform will have on salaries and benefits that companies are able to offer their employees.
Suggestions for sections/ headings:
I. Introduction
This section can include an overview of the health care reform.
II. Articles on Health Care Reform
This section can discuss the 3-4 articles that you are using. Be sure to include a summary of each article with clear headings.
III. Your understanding of what the Health Care Reform Act entails
This section should discuss your understanding of the health care reform.
IV. How will the health care reform impact HR?
This is an opinion section. You will need to discuss how the health care reform under Obamacare and the new proposed changes will impact HR in terms of how many people a company can hire, potential salaries and benefits.
V. Conclusion
Please use the above headings to structure your paper.

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