Ethical Management Practice.

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Consider the following scenario:
You are competing for a promotion to global manager. This position involves managing three key departments located in three different countries with three very different cultures. You have been asked to create a PowerPoint presentation of 18 to 22 slides. Your presentation should persuade the hiring directors that you are the right person for the promotion.
Part 1 of the assignment make a outline of presentation and turn it in
Part2 is the powerpoint slide presentation
The following table describes what is to be included in your presentation:
SectionDescriptionSlidesTitle SlideTitle of presentation and author information.
1Global Management Fundamentals
Use an original scenario to provide examples of the four fundamentals of management:
Demonstrate how global strategy is incorporated in each example.
4–52: Cultural Differences in Communication
Research findings on the communication and business practice distinctions associated with a specific culture. Describe potential communication challenges and proactive solutions.
3: Global Business Issues
Application of Ethical Management Practice. This involves working through the five steps to decision making advocated by the Project Management Institute. An ethical dilemma will be provided and students will work through the decision-making process and come to a conclusion.
4: Global Negotiations
Methods for Managing differences: Competitive vs. Cooperative Cultures. Working through a conflict using the Managing Differences worksheet included in the course assignment using a conflict amongst your global team members.
Use APA guidelines to cite references.

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