Evolutionary Implications Of The Leaping Blenny

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Paper Format: follow these rules worth 5 points.
12 pt. size, double line spacing, 1 inch margins
Title (no title page)
Start the paper
End of the paper
List the references – don’t start a new page (5 pages, 6 max)

How to cite references in the text:
If one author:
Comparative Anatomy is the most interesting class at CSUN (Hertel 2009).
If two authors:
Comparative Anatomy is the most popular class at CSUN (Hertel and van Oordt 2007).
If more than two authors:
Comparative Anatomy is the hardest class at CSUN (Smith et al. 2011).
If more than two citations, list them in chronological order:
Comparative Anatomy is the easiest class at CSUN (Jones 2000, Francis and Smith

How to list references in the reference section:
Journal article:
Jawor, J.M. and R. Breitwisch (2003). Melanin ornaments, honesty, and sexual selection.
Auk 120: 249-265.
Weimerskirsch, H., J. Martin, Y. Clerquin, P. Alexander, and S. Jiraskova (2001).
Energy saving in flight formation. Nature 413: 697-698.
A book:
Kardong, K. V. (2011). Vertebrates, 6th ed., McGraw-Hill, NY.

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As discussed in class, remember to paraphrase what you read and cite the sources.
Do not copy from other sources word for word. There are programs available to
determine whether you are copying things directly from other sources so please do
not do that – it is plagiarism and will result in a grade of “F”.

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