Explain how polarity and hydrogen bonding make water so special

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1.Explain how polarity and hydrogen bonding make water so special
2.Here are three ELR’s: 3 degrees Celsius, 7 degrees Celsius, and 13 degrees Celsius. For each ELR…… 1) Explain whether it would produce a stable atmosphere, an unstable atmosphere, or a conditionally unstable atmosphere, 2) Explain whether our parcel of air will rise or sink, 3) Describe whether it matters if the parcel of air is saturated or unsaturated, and 4) Describe what kind of weather we could expect with each ELR. You really do not need the temperature of the air parcel or the dew-point temperature in order to do this, but in case you want it the temperature of the parcel of air is 40 degrees Celsius and the dew-point temperature is 30 degrees Celsius.
3.Given the following, answer the questions below. Starting Temperature = 30 degrees Celsius; Dew-point Temperature = 0 degrees Celsius; Mountain Height = 4000m (going up in 1000m increments from 0m); DAR = 10 degrees C/1000m; MAR = 6 degrees C/1000m; Wind direction = from the west (left) Clouds begin to form at meters. The temperature of the parcel of air at the top of the mountain is degrees C. The windward side of the mountain is located on the (left/right) while the leeward side of the mountain in located on the (left/right) side of the mountain. The temperature at 0 meters on the leeward side of the mountain is…
4.What type of front is being shown in the image below. What kind of changes would we expect to see with the passage of this front?
5.What is the term given to the large, traveling cyclonic storm that centers around a low pressure system? Where does this storm originate? Why is this type of storm important to us here in Maryland?
6.Explain how it can snow when the temperature outside is above freezing?
7.Explain the dynamic of a thunderstorm. Make sure you include the anatomy of a thunderstorm and the things that are associated with a thunderstorm (i.e types of precipitation, wind drafts etc). Why would you not want to take off in an airplane in the middle of a thunderstorm?
8.What stage in the formation of a tornado is being represented in the image below? Describe this stage and how it lead to the formation of a tornado.
9.Describe the physical structure of a hurricane. Make sure you include the eye, the eyewall, and the rain bands in your description.
10.What weather event is this image showing? Compared to a normal snapshot of the Pacific Ocean, what happens during this weather event in terms of ocean height, low and high pressure, trade wind direction, ocean temperatures, and the thermocline?
11.What climate category is represented by the graph below? What are the characteristics of the climate category and why is it important?
12.Air gets lifted to produce weather in 4ways. List and briefly explain these 4 lifting mechanisms

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