Explain the process of cancer, the effects on the human body, the various types, and the risk factors involved

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Biology homework help
Unit II Homework
Cancer and Genetics
In order for organisms to grow, repair, maintain, and reproduce, cells undergo cell division. Sometimes, cells uncontrollably divide, resulting in cancer. In the first part of the Cancer and Cell Division Lab, you will learn about normal cell division and will compare it to cell division that occurs in cancer cells. You will then visit a website to find out more information about cancer. You will learn why it occurs, why it kills, and new treatments that are being tested and used to treat cancer.
1. Explain the process of cancer, the effects on the human body, the various types, and the risk factors involved.
2. Explain various treatments for cancer.
3. Explain the various stages of mitosis.
No extra materials will be required to complete this lab other than internet service.
· Go to the following website: http://www.mhhe.com/biosci/genbio/virtual_labs/BL_23/BL_23.html
· Follow the steps under the PROCEDURE section.
· Type all answers directly on the data sheet.
· Select Save As, and save this document using your last name and student ID as the file name.
· Upload the data sheet as a .doc, .docx, or .rtf file when you are finished.
While viewing the video, answer the following questions. Total: 8 points
1. In which stage of cell division is the DNA copied? (4 points)
2. During which stage of mitosis do the chromosomes line up in the middle? (4 points)
After viewing the video, click on the Information tab in the bottom right corner. Answer the following questions. Total: 12 points
1. In which of the cancer types listed, are males not at risk of developing? (4 points)
2. Cigarette smoke is a major risk factor for which type of cancer listed? (4 points)
3. The risk for which type of cancer increases after the age of 55? (4 points)
Continue following the directions under the PROCEDURE section, and complete the following table. Total: 40 points

Interphase Prophase Metaphase Anaphase Telophase % of Cells Dividing % of Cells at rest
Normal Lungs
Cancerous Lungs
Normal Stomach
Cancerous Stomach
Normal Ovary
Cancerous Ovary

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