Exploring Contemporary Issues through a Social Health Lens

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Exploring Contemporary Issues through a Social Health Lens

Your task – is to discuss a contemporary issue and in doing so identify the social factors that influence that issue in terms of good or ill health.
You are to research and apply a social determinants view of health to an issue of your choice. _ please choose an issue related to Nutrition practice.

Please note that providing evidence and substantiating where that evidence is from is critical to academic writing, and is not-negotiable at postgraduate level.
Your paper must demonstrate why your chosen topic is a contemporary health issue and, therefore a clear discussion of your issue in context is important to determine this. In order to do this you need to demonstrate your understanding of:
The issue at hand
Provide background information of the issue
Why it is considered a contemporary issue?
The meaning of contemporary in this context
Why the issue is considered a health issue,
(i.e.) what are the implications of the issue to health?
Social health theory
Social determinants of health theory

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You also need to discus 2 examples of social determinant’s that underpin your issue:
What are the social factors that underpin your issue? – Identify and discuss the factors (social determinants) that have the potential to impact on health for the better or worse in this particular case.
Please read the instruction paper carefully. the number of references are not important as the quality of information. Please choose academic papers only from recent years.
You must introduce your discussion, and provide a concluding statement.
Simply, the paper must have an introduction and conclusion. Typically, with a paper of this size it would be a small paragraph for each. This is assessed as part of the Style and Presentation Marking Criteria.

Introduction – details the intent of the paper (what is about and why).
Conclusion – sums up the discussion (what was said and why).

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