Exploring links between gender, sex hormone levels in utero, symptoms of autism spectrum disorder, and spatial working memory.

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  • Both t-test and correlations
  • Word limit- 2000 words max
    • Does not include :
      • Title page
      • Abstract (150 words)
      • Test in figures/ tables
      • Reference list
    • Include in-text references
  • 8-12 references include starting references
  • 19 may 2016, 4pm due
  • 4 variables in lab report
    • Gender
    • Sex hormone levels
    • Symptoms of Autism spectrum disorder
    • Spatial working memory
  • In general, female has longer 2nd finger and male has longer 4th finger
  • Female has larger ratio
  • In general, Spatial working memory (male)
  • In general, Verbal working memory (female)
  • Autism spectrum disorder can be due to genetics or brain
  • Focus on discussion and results
  • Looking at the balance of the research and form own hypothesis
  • Duff & Hampson
    • Female better on both working memory task
    • Sexual differentiation of the prefrontal cortex
    • Female and male has different development of PFC
  • Kalmady
    • Women have longer 2D, larger ratio
    • Need to look at ratio and gender
    • There is interaction between 2D4D ratio and gender
  • Steele
    • People perform worst (diagnose of autism) on spatial working memory
  • Iv gender, 2 levels
  • Dv2D4D, AQ, WMA
  • Design of study : quasi-experimental and correlational
  • Not repeated : because is either male and female
  • Independent measures design
  • 2 groups
  • Order of tasks randomised
  • Between groups, 2 groups


  • Practical implication and theoretical implication



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  • To explore the relationship between the 4 variables


  • Not need write 3 hypothesis
  • But need to include those variables
  • 1st is about the t-test
  • 2nd is about correlational


Gender diff: independent sample t-test, 3 t-test

Relationship: correlation

Mean and SD of age

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