Functional Prototype: Prepare a functional prototype of your application that meets the following requirements

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Project Planning

Purpose of the Prototype Report
This prototype report gives our team a chance to dive into this project and evaluate every aspect of this project, such as feasibility, functionality and tech difficulty. It also provides us an opportunity to get feedbacks from our client, and test if we are fully understanding the specifications, requirements and features of this project. So, this is a small demonstration before a long journey and a touchstone for our whole team.

Status of the prototype report
Currently, we finished all prototype and pass these decisions to the development team. Time constraint has been our biggest problem as we have struggled to complete the work in time.
Log in
This interface clearly reminds users that they need to enter their user name and password to log in to this application, including logins for larger fonts at the top of the page. In addition, under the user name and password, there are forgot password options for those who have forgotten the password. For those who use this application for the first time, they can register to use the application by clicking the “Register” option at the bottom of the page.

Username and password
Forgot password option for those who forgot their password
Register option for people who use this application first time

Order process
This interface is displayed when the user enters it in to the order menu. This interface shows pictures of the available dishes, snacks and drinks, which makes those who are unfamiliar with dishes understand the raw materials and practices of the food, allowing users to better determine the foods they choose. In addition, this interface also provides the price of the display and the number of buttons. The bottom left corner is a shopping cart button, the user can view the selected dishes through it, the bottom corner is the Done button, the user can click it to complete ordering.
This screen will appear, when the users click the done button. This screen shows details of this order in detail: order details, shipping costs, total price. Below shows the delivery location, estimated delivery time. And the Confirm button for users to confirm this order.
As we mentioned before, accessibility is also a very significant principle in user experience. Following this, we added an interface where the user can see the status of the delivery person: taking a meal or being delivered. In addition, users can also see the delivery staff’s real-time location display. Besides, users can also get some personal information on this interface, or contact the delivery staff. This design is for those who care more about delivery status

The system gives two choices, cash or credit card, credit card click payment now
An additional payment password required
If you do not want to use credit card payment, you can click Cancel to return payment options

In payment interface Users can choose to pay by debit or credit card or cash. The payment link is the most needed security aspects of a complete order process, so at this point we have developed an additional payment password requirement for this system.
Table 1: Basic Functions

This feature will be used for returning customers. Previous
orders will show when a customer logs in to accommodate for
faster reordering.
Select BreadThis function will allow the customer to select bread type
Select Meat
This function will allow the customer to select the type of
meat/meats they would like on their sandwiches
This function will allow the customer to select what types of
veggies will be added to their sandwich
Select Sauce
This function will allow the customer to choose what type of
sauces such as mayo, oil and vinegar, ranch, etc, will be on their
This section will include all sides including chips, fries and any
specialty items as well as drinks and desserts
Once all of the precious selections have been made the
customer will be prompted to either pay with a credit card or
pay with cash in the store. This will enhance convenience and
time efficiency for the customer and staff in the restaurant.

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