Fundamentals of Quality Healthcare

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Action Items

Think of an experience where you received or observed excellent quality. You may have had the experience as a customer, as a patient, as a provider, or as an employee. Describe the factors that made this an

excellent experience and how you felt as a result of this experience. Following the principles of management, include a description of management’s influence on your experience. Do the same for a situation in

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which you experienced poor quality. Record you response in the table below.

Complete for both Excellent and Poor Quality

~Briefly describe the experience

~Describe what made this an excellent or poor quality experience

~How did you feel as a result?

~What was management’s role or influence?

On the basis of the observations you recorded, describe why it is important for healthcare managers to understand quality.

Compose a four- to six-page, double-spaced paper addressing the above two elements.

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