Health care reform

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1. read the following articles

Health Care Reform and Cost Control – very short
The Impact of the ACA on Health Education – Very short
Health Care Coverage under the Affordable Care Act -A Progress Report

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4- the Focus on Health Reform: Summary of the New Health Reform Law (see attachments) This is dry but do your best it will help you understand the Timeline for the Affordable Care Act (this will be helpful and informative. (see link below) ** Very Helpful** This site has a lot of information. I suggest you look through more than the Timeline. It also has the law which is longer, you may start there then skim the Summary.

3. write a one page paper on their thoughts and opinions regarding the
readings and how they think it will impact Health Promotion, themselves, their community and
the nation. Make sure to pull directly from the papers (back up your opinions with facts).


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