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The purpose of this project is to assist the student to plan for, design, and implement nursing service system improvements or innovations within the advanced practice role and selected specialty. The role of the

advanced practice nurse is to provide leadership, vision, creative solutions, and evidence-based practice innovations that address unmet health care needs across a variety of settings depending on the specialty

area of practice. Using the guideline below, identify a problem and propose a solution. The proposal should include a background and introduction, a purpose statement, objectives for the change in practice or

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health care delivery system, and plans for implementation and evaluation. Consideration should be given to the costs and benefits of the innovation as well as how it will improve patient outcomes and/or access

to care.

Final Project Grading Rubric

This section should have a brief paragraph or two identifying the topic.
The purpose of an introduction is to capture the attention of the reader, create a sense of urgency about the problem to be investigated, and set the stage for the sections that follow. The introduction:

Puts the project in perspective/context
Establishes the need for the project
Alerts the reader to what will follow

Problem Statement
The problem statement section deals with the specific problem under investigation. Explain the nursing problem/issue you will be investigating, citing scientific work to demonstrate its significance.
The statement itself is concise but contains sufficient information to persuade the reader that the project is feasible, appropriate, and worthwhile. The statement relates to a current problem in the learner?s

profession and specialty area.


Identify the relevance of the topic to your professional practice and to nursing relating to the patient/ patient outcomes, the nursing profession, health care, and society. Cite the research that has already been

conducted in your area of interest and how this is leading you to the purpose of this specific project.
The length of the background section offsets the brevity of the problem statement section. Here, the researcher elaborates on why the problem is of pressing practice concern or theoretical interest. The reader

will be able to discern the seriousness of the problem and understand the need for its further elucidation.


The purpose statement section details the reason why the project is conducted. It describes what the advanced practice nurse is attempting to accomplish by proposing the project. After reading the purpose

statement, the reader will be able to judge the effectiveness of the approach and the importance of the project. The target population is specifically identified.


In this section of the proposal, the advanced practice nurse identifies the specific goals and objectives for the project. This section is usually about 1 page.


This section of the proposal provides a discussion of how the change in practice, the new service model to be developed, or the quality improvement would be implemented, including an overall time frame, the

role of the APN, and the resources that would be needed.


The Scope and Limitations of the project are discussed in the same section because these items belong together. This section includes a discussion of the unique qualifications of the project manager to conduct

this service model improvement or innovation. Scope of the project could be guided by a philosophy statement, by a mission or vision statement, or by a practice guideline. Occasionally, limiting factors of a

practical nature, such as constraints of time, money, and human resources, in as far as these have notable impact on the study, can be discussed.


A brief summary of one to two paragraphs that restate the content of the paper including the purpose statement, a brief review of literature, and the expected outcomes.



Paper is well organized and follows the format described in this rubric
Has logical relevant examples provided for clarification; clear, logical transitions are made from one topic to the next.
Appropriate authorities are cited in text to support facts and conclusions (minimum of 5 peer-reviewed journal articles)
Language is clear and precise without errors in spelling, grammar, & punctuation
Paper adheres to APA standards
Reference page has correct APA formatted references and include citations of only the sources cited in text.
The paper is 9 ? 12 pages in length.



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