Health Promotion

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Your task for this case assignment:

Please read the following article and answer the following questions:

Bullock K., McGraw S.A. (2006). A

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Community Capacity-Enhancement Approach to Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening

among Older Women of Color, Health and Social Work 31(1) 16-25

1. What was the target community for this intervention?

2. Describe the processes of assessment, engagement, and implementation with

an emphasis on community enhancement and community participation.

3. What factors contributed to the success of the intervention? What

alternative avenues could have been pursued (i.e. what other types of

interventions) to increase cancer screening in this community? Have such avenues

been proven to be successful?Please read the following article and answer the questions:

1. What was the purpose of the intervention and what was its rationale?

2. Briefly describe the design, the procedure, and the participants (1/2


3. What were the components of the intervention? (1/2 page)

4. What types of evaluation did the researchers employ to assess the effects

of the intervention? Of what did these evaluations consist? (1/2 page)

5. Was the intervention successful? Please explain. Then, please formulate a

discussion on what may have been the factors that affected the intervention’s

success or lack thereof. Use both the authors’ speculations as well as


Bere E., Veierod M.B., Bjelland M., Klepp K.I.(2006).Outcome and process

evaluation of a Norwegian school-randomized fruit and vegetable intervention:

Fruits and Vegetables Make the Marks (FVMM). Health Education

Research, 21 (2) 258-267 Please answer these questions:

How would you evaluate your health promotion program. What would your

process, impact, and outcome evaluation consist of? What evaluation methods

would you use? What problems are you likely to encounter in the evaluation


NOTE: In formulating your response, please be sure to incorporate a

discussion of data analysis and reporting methods you would use for your

evaluation. These were introduced at the bottom of the Module 5 Home Page under

Data Analysis and Reporting.  

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