Health Promotion and Childhood Obesity

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Based on the focus selected (Health Promotion and Childhood Obesity) and the RAPid 1 & 2 for one

quantitative and one qualitative article, on Health Promotion and Childhood Obesity, address the following

questions, basing the response on the two studies and any significant studies on the topic:
***Identify factors in these studies that are essential for organizations to provide culturally competent,

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evidence-based, primary health care.

Assigned primary sources, textbook readings as well as additional information included from supplementary

resources must be cited according to APA (2010). Thoughts should be clearly expressed in the paper using correct

English and grammar. The content in the paper should be no less than 800 words and no more than 1000 words,

excluding the title page, abstract, references, tables, figures, and charts.

Rapid Study1; Overweight and obesity among White, Black, and Mexican American children: Implications for when to

intervene. Janice M. Long, Nicole Mareno, Rebecca Shabo, and Astrid H. Wilson (2011).

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