Healthcare workers reduce hospital acquired infection”

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How hand washing among healthcare workers reduce hospital acquired infection”

Create a draft design for change proposal for the ” How hand washing among healthcare workers reduce Hospital acquired infection? Your plan is to convince your management team of nursing problem you have uncovered and feel is significant enough to change the way something is currently practiced. Organize your information and evidence as following:
1. Introduction- to the plan with evidence based problem identification and solution.
2. Change plan- overview using the six steps of the Rosswurm and Larrebee Model (1999).
A. Asses needs for change ( problem identifies) which is non-complaint of handwashing among the health care workers increase hospital acquired infection?
B. Link problem intertion outcome.
C. Synthesize best evidence
D. Design practice change
E. Implement and evaluate change
F. Integrate and maintain change.
3. Summary- clear, solid summarizing the key points and six steps of the change plan is included, ways to maintain the change plan are described.

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