Historical Review Project: Outline Assignment Instructions

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EDSP 723

Historical Review Project: Outline Assignment Instructions

Purpose: The purpose of the Historical Review Project is threefold: 1) to choose a special education leadership and administration topic/question and investigate the importance, significance, and impact of this chosen topic pertaining to its history, 2) to demonstrate knowledge and application of the current APA formatting and writing style, and 3) to be able to articulate a biblical worldview concerning the historical topic chosen.

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The changing landscape of special education is easy to observe throughout our discussions and research of the historical and contemporary issues in special education. Issues such as school reform, inclusion, public policy and disability, standards assessment, disability classification, and transition planning are among just a few topics that can be viewed from multiple perspectives. Strong opinions and research are available to support or question all of these differing viewpoints.


Develop a research question, narrowed to investigate a particular topic/issue pertaining to special education. Submit your research question/topic and a detailed outline.


Research question details: In developing a research question, be sure to do a thorough review of this topic. Pay particular attention to the historical context of this topic. As you review the research, what questions come to mind? Questions such as why, what, when, and how are good starting places. Develop a research question/topic that can be answered from your research.


Outline details: Once the research question has been developed, discuss the perceived answer to your question/topic by addressing the following questions (the use of headers are encouraged in your final paper):


1. Discuss what interested you most about the topic (known as the introduction).

2. Discuss why this topic is important to study.

3. What significant impact did this topic have on the development of the special education?

4. What impact did this topic have on the current standing of the special education?

5. How should a person with a biblical worldview react to this topic?

6. What effect could a biblical worldview have on the college both historically and presently?

7. Provide a conclusion.


Submit your research question/topic/outline in an APA-formatted Word document. Include a title page and reference page. Your outline must contain at least 6 main points (i.e., I, II, III) with references and at least 3 subpoints (i.e., A, B, C) under each main point. You are also expected to include at least 1 secondary source in your analysis. Use the Historical Review Project: Research Paper Instructions and Grading Rubric as your guide.

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