Hospitality Cooperative Education

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Applies classroom theory and learning to practical management in a hospitality operation, to utilise research skills for a real and current management issue in a hospitality operation and to enable a student to experience personal growth through setting goals, establishing schedules and accepting responsibility to an employer and to self for assignment or project completion

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this paper, successful students should be able to:


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  1. Contextualise the placement organisation within the relevant professional environment


  1. Critically reflect upon personal and professional development during the placement experience


  1. Critically evaluate the connection between the placement project, professional publications and academic literature


  1. Demonstrate appropriate academic (Level 7) oral and written communication skills relevant to a professional environment




Paper Requirements

To successfully complete this paper, the following conditions must be met:

  • Obtain a final minimum mark of 50% overall in the paper;
  • Submit all assessments. If any assessment is not handed in, a DNC grade will be awarded for the paper. NOTE: As per the General Academic Regulations of AUT University, if you do not submit a completed compulsory component, you may be withdrawn from the paper.


There are no required texts


Recommended readings


Bassham, G. (2005). Critical thinking: A student’s introduction. Boston, MA: McGraw-Hill.

Emerson, L (ed.) (2000). Writing guidelines for business students (2nd ed.). Palmerston North, New Zealand: Dunmore.

Enz, C. (2010). Hospitality strategic management concepts and cases. Hoboken, New Jersey: John Wiley & Sons.

Facione, P. A. &Gittens, C. A. (2013). Think critically. Boston, MA: Pearson.

Millar, S., &Theunissen, C. (2008). Managing organisations in New Zealand.  Auckland, New Zealand: Pearson.

Shelley, P.B. (2010). The art of reflection. In S. Cottrell, Skills for success: The personal development handbook (2nd ed.), (pp.188-204).Bassingstoke, UK: Palgrave Macmillan

Supplementary reading

Resources for this paper include refereed academic articles available through AUT library. The following eight journals could be of assistance to your project.However, please extend your learning by searching for other academic journals in relation to your topic.


  • Cornell Hospitality Quarterly
  • International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management
  • International Journal of Hospitality Management
  • Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Research
  • The Australian Journal of Hospitality Management
  • Event Management
  • Tourism and Hospitality Research
  • Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Education

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