How can you use these theories to further your understanding?

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Choose a topic of interest to you from the concepts we’ve covered throughout the course. You will compose a research paper in APA format, using at least 5 sources, at least two of which must be from peer-reviewed journals. This must be an original scholarly research paper, on a topic you have not already explored in other assignments in this or another course. You may choose a topic that is relevant somehow to your own life, but remember to keep your tone academic and include relevant research and theoretical material from the course.

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Introduction (1 page): After reading your introduction, readers should not only have an understanding of what your paper is about, but also why you chose the topic and how it relates to the course content.

Example: Topic-Gender Identity

In this section you will introduce your topic and discuss why you selected it and how it relates to the concepts covered in this course. Why is this topic important? What is the history of this topic?

Research Summary/Literature Review (2-3 pages): The purpose of this section is to place your paper within the larger whole of what has already been explored. You will review the questions that researchers have asked and the findings of their work. You will also look for any gaps in the research as well as areas in need of further exploration.

Example: The research conducted by McGrath (2017) found that 10% of patients who were actively attending psychotherapy for concerns related to gender identity reported that they had experienced…

After identifying at least 5 different sources, you will conduct an evaluation on your sources. Make sure to include the following:

Introduce and summarize each of your sources

Explain the credibility of your sources and how you determined they were valid and reliable

Discuss how your sources relate to your overall topic and how they can be used to support your research

What has the research discovered about your topic?

Are there any gaps in the research?

Analysis and Application (2-3 pages): Now that you’ve reviewed the research findings that already exist, it’s time to apply the concepts that you’ve learned throughout this course to understand and explain your topic. How do the concepts, theories and perspectives covered in this course relate to your topic? How can you use these theories to further your understanding?

Example: According to the biological perspective of psychology, gender identity is influenced by our genetic makeup……Conversely, the sociocultural perspective would explain the development of gender identity as a product of our life experiences, our environment, and our culture.

Use the fundamental concepts from at least 3 different psychological theories and perspectives covered throughout the course to explain and describe your topic. Make sure you clearly identify the 3 different theories or perspectives you are discussing.

Which perspectives and theories support the research found in your sources?

How can the theories and perspectives covered in this course be applied to your topic area to better understand or implement positive change related to your topic?

Recommendations (1-2 pages): In this section you want to create an action plan or recommendation for next steps. Is more research needed in this area? If so, what type of research would you recommend and why?

Example: In order to support individuals struggling with their gender identity, counselors and parents can apply humanistic approaches such as unconditional positive regard in order to help that person reach a state of congruence…..

Based on your research and understanding of the topic, provide recommendations for future research or an action plan to address your topic area.

Additional Considerations:

Papers should be 6-9 pages in length (not including your references)

Each paper should have a references page which includes all sources used throughout your paper

You must include the use of at least 5 different resources

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