how would you help your company create a high performing team culture that would increase customer value.

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You have just graduated from your program at the University of the Rockies. You have been hired for a position in Organizational Development in the Training and Development Department at Pikes Peak Manufacturing Company (PPM). PPM is a $400 million company that is in the business of manufacturing plastic parts. Corporate headquarters is in Colorado Springs with three manufacturing plants; one in Dallas, Texas, one in Mexico City, Mexico, and one in Huntsville, Alabama. The CEO of PPM has been pleased with the overall performance of the company, even in these tough economic times. However, after reading numerous books, such as the Wisdom of Teams by Katzenbach and Smith and Group Dynamics for Teams by Levi, and attending a high level executive training program, she has decided that PPM can enhance customer value by creating a more team-oriented culture. Although there have been pockets of team success, especially in the manufacturing plants, the CEO still believes that the company functioning fully in a team culture will produce a higher level of customer satisfaction through creativity, higher level problem solving, and synergy. Some of PPM’s cultural highlights are:

  • Privately owned by one family
  • Strong entrepreneurial culture
  • High work ethic, with most managers working 50 to 60 hours a week
  • Strong individual players who get things done by persistence and their personalities
  • A top executive team that leads the company’s departments and functions like a group of high performing individuals
  • High performance teams that function in some manufacturing plants and the accounting division, while other groups function as teams only in name

One of the main reasons the position you accepted was created was to lead this organizational initiative and drive a team culture.

Using your reading and at least four other resources, write a 4,200 – 5,250 word paper analyzing how you would help your company create a high performing team culture that would increase customer value. Make sure that you address the following:

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  • Instilling structures of successful teams and team process
  • Creating effective team communication channels
  • Selecting, developing, and training effective team members and leaders
  • Identifying issues surrounding diversity and multiculturalism
  • Embedding team culture in the organization
  • Creating and implementing team training
  • Ensuring lasting team culture by creating a strong team performance-management system and reward system.

Your paper must follow APA (6th ed.) guidelines for in-text citations and references. The total number of pages does not include a title page or reference page.

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