identify the ethical implications of your recommended action.

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THIS IS A DISCUSSION BOARD ONLY NEED 300 WORDS THIS IS NOT A LONG PAPER!!Read the incident in the Diversification Planning document (SEE BELOW). In your post indicate which action from the list of 13 possibilities you would recommend spending money to investigate and your rationale for recommending it. Also identify the ethical implications of your recommended action.The planning officer of your airline has been gathering information concerning several opportunities for your firm. Since the climate seems good for additional common stock sales and bank loans the possibilities of expansion through merger and acquisition seem very good. An opposite twist has also presented itselfan offer to purchase your airline. A thorough investigation and analysis by a competent financial analyst specializing in such matters will cost $3 000 for each item listed below and will be completed in three to nine months (with the exception of selection M which costs $6 001). This would be a necessary first step in pursuing any of these business opportunities.Although these opportunities may not be possible before the end of the simulation your instructor wants you to determine which you feel are appropriate. Select the total amount (in the decision input screen) you want to spend for the investigation(s) e.g. $6 000 9 000 12 000 etc.Risk factors as shown below are on a scale of very low risk (1) to very high risk (10). The risk factor takes into account the economic stability of that particular type of business the difficulty in operating it competition and the profit potential.Support your assertions with at least one APA in-text citation. 300 WORDS- 1 REFERENCE.

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