Impact of effective Clinical leadership on the performance of healthcare facilities

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Impact of effective Clinical leadership on the performance of healthcare facilities

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Impact of effective Clinical leadership on the performance of healthcare facilities: case study from Medical Rehabilitation field.
important note: there is turn it in test and similarity must not exceed 12%
? Abstract (300-500 words)
It should include: what is the research question, why is it important, how we answered the research question (Methodology), key findings and results.

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? Introduction :
The same of abstract’s questions with extra details.
What dose clinical leadership mean?
Why it’s important to implement it in healthcare facilities nowadays?
What is the general impact of effective clinical leadership on facilities efficiency?
What is the effect of effective clinical leadership on hospitals and healthcare facilities performance? ???..est.
Highlight Key research questions.

? Literature review :(2500-3000 words)
It must contain at least 15 literatures with Harvard references. I attached many researches to help the writer and writer should continue searching any shortage in my literatures to cover the whole subjects and other researcher’s opinions.
Please writer should provide me with a copy of each research used in the assignment in order to be a back up if they asked to show it.

? Methodology ( 1-2 pages )
Primary data as a questionnaire targeted 55 healthcare employees in Rehabilitation facilities (Physicians, Physical therapists, Occupational therapists, nurses, clinical social worker, and speech therapists)
The questionnaire should ask them about 5 related point to the research questions .E.g. impact of their clinical leadership on their caseload and schedules or productivity, features of effective clinical leadership, leadership and performance ,clinical leadership and implementation of systems and policies ??.please find a good questionnaire to answer our research questions and match our literatures topics.
Focus group interviews to 5 of clinical leaders and managers , again 5 related questions to answer our research questions and support our literatures.
Please provide me the questionnaire and the interview questions to add it as an appendix.

? Data analysis : (1000-1500 words)
Please provide strong analysis and discussion for our finings additional to present it in attractive and clear graphs. Keep in your consideration that our case study is a Medical Rehabilitation facility included all above specialties.
Also we have to mention why did we use qualitative or quantitative methods and what was the limitation

? Conclusion and recommendation:
Try to refer to the data analysis, link the conclusion to the data analysis.
Link the recommendations to the literature.

? References:
All should be Harvard style

? Appendix
1. The employees’ questionnaire (survey)
2. Clinical managers interview questions

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