Importance of breast cancer screening for early detection

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Research question
Osteoarthritis disease
Its an outline for the research paper and  the topic is osteoarthritis disease. 3 peer reviewed journal articles. Write about the 5 levels and how health promotion can be used at each. Intrapersonal-individual knowledge, attitude, and skills. Interpersonal/social support-friends/families, doctors, etc. Organizational-state/local health departments, professional associations, etc. Public policy-ACA, CDC, NIH, HP2020, etc.
students will submit an outline of their signature assignment-ecological research paper with APA 6th edition in-text citations/references. The assignment is to identify which information will be used in the final paper and to research appropriate and relevant information based on the topic chosen.  A sample of how to structure an outline is provided for your guidance. It is not information that pertains to your research paper. Instructor will provide feedback based on outline submitted.

  • Sample Outline COH 401

sample outline
Developing Outline and Annotated Bibliography
The purpose of this assignment is to develop the outline of empirical studies you plan to include in your final paper. Do not use this information for your own paper. This is a sample on how to structure an outline. 
Paper Outline. The outline should be at least 1 page, single spaced, using standard outline numbering/lettering, and should break down the major issues (i.e., Health issue, community, 5 levels of ecological model) you plan to cover in your final signature assignment. For example, an outline for developing an educational program on breast cancer screening (see section IV. b of the outline) might look like this:
I. Introduction.
A. High incidence of breast cancer among Vietnamese women (Deepen & Cockburn, 2010; ACS, 2013).
B. Importance of breast cancer screening for early detection (ACS, 2013; ASCO, 2009).
C. Lower rates of mammography among Vietnamese (Tanjasiri, 2007; Kagawa-Somger & Pourat, 2009).
II. Individual psychological factors associated with Asian breast cancer screening.
A. Fear and other cultural beliefs about breast cancer (McPhee, 2008; Kagawa-Singer, 2003).
B. Cultural modesty and lack of breast cancer screening (Kagawa-Singer, 2003; Tanjasiri, 2007).
C. Summary: Asian women tend not to discuss screening with anyone.
III. Interpersonal factors-Importance of social support for Asian women.
A. Role of social support in coping with cancer (Ashing-Giwa, 2012; Pasick, 2008).
B. Importance of medical providers promoting screening to women (McPhee & Nguyen, 2009; Tran, 2009).
C. Role of community health educators to promote screening among women and providers (Nguyen, 2009; Kagawa-Singer, 2008).
D. Summary: Social support from family and friends is promising to promote screening among Asian women.
IV. Organizational
A. Health insurance coverage on mammograms (Yi, 2010; McPhee, 2006).
B. State/local health departments to support breast cancer screening (CDC, 2007).
V.  Community
A. Community based organizations to support breast cancer screenings (CDC, 2008).
B. Comprehensive cancer control coaliation on breast cancer screening (NIH, 2013).
VI. Policy/Societal
A. Healthy People 2020 goals on national breast cancer screenings
B. Affordable Care Act policies
VII. Summary
A. Paragraph summarizing gaps regarding lack of efforts to increase women’s social support around screening.
B. The purpose of this project is to develop and pilot test an educational program to increase social support among friends to promote screening among Vietnamese women in Orange County.
Annotated Bibliography (OPTIONAL). Write a brief summary of each empirical study you plan to include in your final paper. Each entry should start with a full reference to the study in APA style followed by a 100-150 word description and evaluation of the articles. Do not merely copy the abstract – you should highlight only the things relevant to your topic.
Specific Instructions
1. Typed, single spaced, one inch margins on all sides, 12 point font (preferably Times New Roman).
2. Use APA style for citations and reference page.

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